Manhood Lost. A Lament.

Here we have the story of Irishman Eamon Bradley, a convert to Islam who says that he knew that Islam was the way to save his broken life as he watched the twin towers collapse into dust and ruin on 9/11.

Eamon Bradley is a boy-child-idiot in a man’s body. To find inspiration in Islam after seeing the World Trade Towers attacked, speaks to the “idiot” part of my compound description—unless of course Eamon thought that bringing death and destruction to thousands of innocent people in the name of Islam is somehow inspirational.

The “boy-child” part is more complicated, however. Islam offers enormous comfort to those who are still, and will remain, lost children in adults’ bodies. And that defines Eamon and millions like him. There is no thinking required in Islam. Everything, every aspect of your life is clearly spelled out for you (Reliance of The Traveler).

Being a Moslem is like having a strict, but not very compassionate, parent watching over you all of the time. And that can be VERY comforting to those “adults” stuck in childhood. No insight or self-awareness or maturation of any kind is required to be a Moslem—neither are any of those qualities to be tolerated.

Islam, is the ultimate “Daddy will take care of you, look out for you, and tell you what to do” ideology—not unlike Communism or Nazism. Not only is Islam a “religion” for emotionally lost and desperate children, but it is a magnet for them.

It tells such people that their lost and childish ways are something good and godly, and that such qualities need only be directed to the service of Islam and The Caliphate in order to feel whole as a human being—once again, not unlike Communism or Nazism. Well, there’s your sought-after purpose-in-life neatly provided. No brains required. No maturity required. No effort required. No self-responsible authority required.

Whenever I listen to almost any representative of Islam, be it world leader or not, what impresses me first and foremost, is that I am witnessing and listening to, an angry-boy-child in a man’s body—striking out at the world for his own failures and those of his culture. And, as confirmation for that childish behavior and eternal blaming of “the other”, the Koran provides scapegoats aplenty. That child-personality is what Islam elicits, most of the time. And you don’t need to be a psychiatrist to see it. No Ph.D or M.D. required. Just see it with your own eyes because it’s right there in front of your face.

And of course we can’t leave out this other, all important lure, in Islam. Sex. In Islam, a man doesn’t have to worry about courting a woman, or treating her with any deference in order to get sex whenever and however he wants it.

He never has to grow up vis-à-vis his relationships with the opposite sex. Sexual satisfaction is guaranteed and any Moslem man can have four wives (including nine year olds) as codified in The Koran. That’s a lot of sexual servicing going on, and to many men, that is an epic dream come true.

In the Western cultures, men who would otherwise find themselves being defined as “losers” where women are concerned, don’t have to deal with the humiliation of not being able to “get” a woman or being able to hang onto one, nor do they have to deal with any degree of sexual frustration—when and if they convert to Islam. They also never have to become an adult and learn about what it takes to develop a life-sustaining and genuinely mature partnership with one woman, and one woman only. That’s a journey and a destination that takes real manhood—an emergence from childhood and childish ways of being and thinking. It’s not easy, but it takes a man-adult to do it—or at least a man-adult in progress. Can’t do that? Can’t find the internal muster? Enter Islam (or the Hippie Movement). Problem solved.

But why else does Islam have any allure to those raised in a Western culture? Why do inmates in particular find this ideology so appealing? For one thing, Islam totally legitimizes and glorifies their violent behavior.

They are instantly exonerated. In fact, Islam makes them the hero, godly, for what they’ve done—and encourages more of it. In other words, Islam channelizes the criminals’ fury and failure into the cause of Islam, and calls it good, or Jihad. There’s nothing for such a man to overcome, no need whatsoever to change his ways is the message from Islam to the inmate. No inner searching, or attempt to reform oneself required—the exact opposite in fact—just a rechannelizing of energy. Why we allow proselytizing in our prison systems is a mystery.

The “discovery” of Islam serves to focus an inmate’s immature, yet exceedingly violent personality into what only appears to be purpose and self worth. Of course that “focus” and sense of “self-worth” are nothing more than illusions—more living in the land of “Make Believe”—and in the case of Islam, it is quite literally Make-Believe-Or-Else, because in Islam, non-belief results in death.

But what about people like Eamon and other “men” in the West? What’s behind that phenomenon? The Hippie generation has a lot to do with it, and “Hippie Generation” has a lot to do with the Second World War—its impact on those who fought it and the ensuing fabulous almost unprecedented era of prosperity enjoyed by the West afterward. (Vietnam and the Draft figure in here as well, but this essay is already convoluted enough without that.)

Rules, Boundaries and Limitations were the sworn enemies of the Hip Generation as they are of all children everywhere. They were a generation that got what they wanted, when they wanted it. And Mommy and Daddy made sure that was the case—and they had the money to make it happen. The result was an entire generation of infantilized, spoiled brats—especially the boys. An entire generation attempted to “grow up” in an era in which adulthood, and especially manhood, was indirectly under attack simply because attaining adulthood was no longer demanded or required.

It is this writer’s opinion that much of the impetus behind the Hippie movement came from spoiled boy-children, who remained children—only in men’s bodies. And they wanted sex, when they wanted it, and the “chicks” were there to provide it. Just like in Islam. Boys of that era rejected any notions of courtship, or commitment to one woman, because those marks-of-an-adult got in the way of instant gratification. Those are characteristics of an adult, and these were kids who never matured into adulthood. They never arrived. And as they remained stalled and mired in childhood, the destruction of real manhood in the West began. It is both they and their children who are running the West today—and by the way, many of the West’s leaders are childless.

Children want what they want when they want it. Period. And temper tantrums and whining ensue if they don’t get it. Snowflake “culture” personifies this. And the adults around them, further infantilize them by inventing Lands of Make Believe to help them hide from life’s unpleasant realities. Today’s adult children find shelter from reality in Safe Spaces. And post World War II parents never required anything of their children and thought that imposing restrictions on them might injure or impede their development—when the exact opposite was the case.

Of course this wasn’t true for all parents. Many of whom who were then referred to as the “Silent Majority” did NOT buy into this, but they were not the ones defining the direction of the society. And, as the name implies, they were, largely, silent—to society’s loss.

What are some of the other major difference between adulthood and childhood?

As already mentioned, children naturally rail against all of the qualities which define adulthood, those being primarily: the acceptance of rules, boundaries and limitations. And it is those “rules, boundaries and limitations” which focus the adult life and help to give that life a sense of purpose and direction—something which is missing and desperately sought after in modern life. It doesn’t seem to matter what the “purpose” is or what the “direction” is—as long as something will step up and serve to focus one’s energies and a greater sense of self. Here, Islam is glad to step in to fulfill those needs—as a parasitizing and death-feeding ideology. Moslems will often proclaim, as it is written in the Koran, that they love death as we in the West love life.

Christianity seems to have lost its way in this regard—as a provider of purpose, direction and those all-important boundaries. The permissive society and its childish ways have compromised a once great faith and organizing principle in life. And as a result, the West is in peril, rudderless, with no seeming point, or points, of agreed-upon orientation.

So, once again, enter Islam as the opportunistic virus which it is—into the bloodstream of The West.

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