The Palestinian “Cause”—A Masterpiece in False Advertising

I’m sick of hearing about “the occupied territories”. There is no such thing.

This “entertaining” video explains the history of the conflict and documents the NUMEROUS offers of statehood (including sharing of Jerusalem) to the Arabs by Israel, the UN, and Camp David—all of which have been declined, followed by Arab (reflex) preternatural rage, and vows to exterminate the Jews—all of them, everywhere.

Moslems don’t hate Jews because of Israel. Moslems hate Israel because of Jews. Period.

When do we start calling Islam for what it is?—a genocidal ideology with Jews as their primary target—as commanded by their Prophet—and as both preached and practiced for over 1,400 years.

Substitute the word “Jews” in that sentence with the word, “The Blacks”, and Liberals would be apoplectically united in stopping such immigration into the U.S. They would need safe spaces and lollipops to quell their fury and anguish. Social Justice Warriors would be tearing the place apart. But Jews? Neh. No big deal.

Why on Earth are we importing this ideology into this country? Please don’t give me the “poor refugee” argument and that we must come to their aid. We can come to their aid right where they are, and help them get to Saudi Arabia, a mere 60 miles away from where they are—a lovely Moslem country with more money than God.

By Jove, I think I perceive a double standard here.

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