Hitler’s Devoted Moslem Nazis: Palestinians Hide Their History of Jewish Genocide.

We found this quote below, and posting, from “Never Again Canada”, on Facebook 6/25/2017:

“After the promulgation of the Nuremberg Laws, Hitler received telegrams of congratulation from all over the Arab and Muslim world, especially from Morocco and Palestine, where the Nazi propaganda had been most active…. Before long political parties of the Nazi and Fascist type began to appear, complete with paramilitary youth organizations, colored shirts, strict discipline and more or less charismatic leaders.”
Lewis, Bernard. Semites and Anti-Semites: An Inquiry into Conflict and Prejudice. New York: W. W. Norton, 1999. ISBN 978-0-393-31839-5, p. 148

Why leave out the the salient point? What is that you may ask?

The salient point is that the paragraph above depicts a white-washed, dumbed-down version of what really occurred. Maybe Lewis gets into the real goose-stepping-boots-on-the-ground reality of Moslem complicity and participation in The Third Reich later in the book.

Tens of thousands of Moslems gleefully wore the Nazi uniform and served as soldiers in Hitler’s army. They were known as the Handschar Division—”Handschar”—meaning “scimitar”—the preferred Moslem weapon for slaying infidels.

Why not talk about the then Grand Mufti of Jersusalem—Yassir Arafat’s uncle, if memory serves. Why not talk about his correspondences with Hitler, in which he, the Mufti, is requesting that the Moslem Nazi forces be allowed to deal with the Jews in the ways in which Moslem are accustomed to dealing with them, and as they have always dealt with them—which is to say, smiting at the neck, as the Koran commands.

The Koran also demands that as the faithful of Allah are slaying the infidels in this manner, they, the faithful, are to feel NO COMPASSION for those they slay. In addition, The holy Koran tells us that the slayer is to GUARD AGAINST FEELING COMPASSION. And this is what the Left so self-righteously defends? Answer: “Yes”.

The Palestinians have a filthy history, and it’s recent. Their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents served with distinction as Nazis. And isn’t it just “rich” when today, Palestinians point the finger with hysterical rage, at Israel as they accuse that state of massive genocide against them?! And does the world see their attempt to deceive everyone with that charge? Nope—they buy into it, lock, stock and barrel. It’s far more fun and reflex to hate Jews instead. And the Palestinians know that, and play upon that impulse which, sadly, is also as deeply embedded into Western Civilization as it is their own.

History shows where the real stain of genocide belongs, and it is squarely in the lap of those recent ancestors of the Palestinians. And do not think for even an instant, that that is no longer the Palestinian intent. They wish to do their ancestors proud—and Mohammed of course, who set the example for them—the example of Jewish genocide that is.

But Liberals will deny that. They’re still stuck in their “we’re all the same” motif. Fine. We’re all humans and we’re all the same on that level. Period. All’s well with that UNTIL you add that all-important layer known as “culture”.

Let’s try some facts for a change. How ’bout that? That will be difficult for today’s Liberals, because “trying some facts for a change” will make the object of their adoration, Islam, look bad—VERY bad indeed. There is only one group in the Middle East who owns the title of Perpetrators of Genocide, and it’s not Israel, and it’s certainly not the Jews.

LINK: The Moslem-Nazi Alliance and Full Participation in The Third Reich.


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