Germans? Here’s The Burden Which Awaits Your Children.

Link: Germany: 75% of Moslem “refugees” to be on welfare for the rest of their lives.


—Will it dawn on the German people that they and their progeny are condemned to a life of literal Dhimmitude (Islamic slavery in essence)—and watching as the fruits of their labors go to support their much-adored Moslem imports—forever. Talk about having a millstone around your neck! And talk about being stupid!

Of course this is exactly what the Islamic doctrine of Al Hijra (stealth Jihad) dictates. Stealth Jihad is very carefully spelled out as one the Five Charges of Islam (LINK:  Trojan Horse) And the fact that the Germans are happy to provide this, only confirms in the Koranic based minds of their soon-to-be-Moslem-masters that Allah is on their side. Because the reality is that the Germans are already, literally, paying the jizyah to them, precisely as Allah commanded. And in the process, feeling themselves humbled and subdued—also as Allah commanded. And if you don’t believe me, then listen to the dozens of high level Imams from all over Europe who proudly proclaim as much. It’s a now worn out saying, but there is still no better way to express the astonishment at what we are all passively witnessing, and that saying is: “You can’t make this stuff up.”

It wasn’t enough to pay the Jizyah, the Dhimmis (Germans) also had to “feel themselves subdued” as the Koran tells us. And this “subduing” consisted of the jizyah payment being made to the Moslem masters, with the supplicant (Dhimmi) kneeling before his Moslem master. This was then followed by being slapped about the head and face—not to mention having to wear distinctive clothing.

This is why Moslems reflexly do that predicable and vile face-slapping routine to their European welcomers. It is all Koran-prescribed, every last bit of it. The slapping about the head and face publicly proclaims the Dhimmi status of the person being slapped. And it also declares the Moslem-Master status of the person performing the humiliation.

The face-slapping-bit—it’s the first thing Moslems do to a Western interviewer, or any non-Moslem, attempting to stand up to them. I’ve seen enough videos to have put that one together. Moslems see us as their Dhimmis, even when they are in the minority in our countries. They are the archetypal bullies, and no Western nation will stand up to them.

These people (both the Germans and their Moslem-adored) stagger the mind and do much more than try one’s patience. But at least the Germans will soon be free of their Jewish problem. Thank Allah for that. Moslems in Germany are taking care of that little residual “issue” right now. And the only problem is that America will likely have to choke down that next, and inevitable, immigration/refugee wave. Perish the thought! Jewish immigration into the U.S.! How unsexy can you get? But that will be one outcome of the Moslems who are vastly out-breeding everyone else in Europe. You can wait for that scenario just described to unfold.

And all it would take to expose Moslems’ true intent, to gain some insight into their beliefs and motives, and know how to properly and humanely respond to them—is a little bit of intellectual curiosity in tandem with intellectual honesty. It would take enough of those two to lead one into wanting to delve into Islamic doctrine and thereby receive a most urgent, culture-saving, WAKE UP call.

That’s what it would have taken to have obviated this Western-culture-destroying Islamic plot. Either that, or, an educational system in the West that had been honest in its depiction of Islam. The exact opposite is occurring now in our Middle Schools. What we are witnessing there today, being force-fed to our kids, is nothing less than Islamic proselytizing being delivered through the vehicle of PBS—Thank you President Obama for that bit of your personal psychotherapy being foisted onto all of us—your filial psychodrama, as you delved into the dreams of your Moslem, and very absent, father. Thanks a lot. I for one, feel nothing less than having been personally and nationally betrayed by him.

But we’ve been guilty of that Islamic-white-wash in our schools for at least the last 50 years. All anyone ever learned about Islam in school was what a wonderful and civilizing influence it had been. The exact opposite is the truth. Wherever Islam has gone it reverses and stultifies the civilizing process. Then we were fed the lie about how there was this idyllic, Islamic Golden Age throughout southern Europe in the 7th century. What was carefully omitted in that Golden Age presentation was that Islam was in Southern Europe because of its brutal Moslem crusades which had conquered the place and had pressed all of the inhabitants of those lands into Dhimmitude. Also carefully omitted in those classes, was the fact that yes, Christians and Jews were allowed to LIVE with Moslems, but ONLY as Dhimmis—which is to say as only slightly better than slaves. There was NO Islamic Golden Age of Tolerance in Spain or anywhere else that Moslems prevailed. Ever. Moreover, the Koran forbids it.

I feel vaguely betrayed by that false indoctrination from my early education.

I hope—and will put my money where my hopes and mouth are—that what we see in Europe will NOT happen in the US. Like over-permissive parents, the Left hasn’t just allowed this to happen, their ideologically-driven, fact-free fervor has nurtured it.

My liberal friends (of every background) know absolutely NOTHING about Islam—nothing of its history, its tenets, its preaching—and yet, they defend it with petulant fury and righteous indignation. If I persist in asking them what they know about “the religion of  peace”, they just become irate with me.

It’s sad, but friendships everywhere are attenuating because of this. And if that’s the case, then the price of their friendship was too high and such friendships will have to move to another level, or dissolve. Way leads onto way, but…

Islam must be called out.

The End?


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