Let’s Torture and Kill Dogs, Then Eat Them. Dinner’s On.

We picked up this story from Tucker Carlson last night. Here’s that link, if you can even stand watching it.

Some Neolithic region in southern China—no, wait a sec—I just insulted the Neolithic, so I’ll begin again. Some Paleolithic region in southern China just loves their happy annual celebration of The Day of Dog Meat. That’s right, just like all hyperbolically-male-centric, male-adoring, woman-hating-societies (and you can include Islam on that list)—these lovely people believe that by eating the meat of a dog which has been slowly and meticulously tortured first, that their masculinity will be enhanced and fortified.

And because males, especially in primitive societies, prize toughness and brutality above all things, if the dogs are tortured and then killed as slowly as possible, the man who eats their meat will have special effing powers, and special powers to endure pain.  When does “masculinity” finally, please God, I beg of you, FINALLY, grow up??? And when do all of us get to stop paying the price for it? I for one, am weary, to say the least, of boys in men’s bodies. They seem never to grow up.

China is a nation which is choking on its own population. The LAST thing it needs is enhanced male sexual powers of any kind. But, that’s rational. And besides that, how culturally insensitive of me. I’m sorry.

I am quite fed up with “cultural relativism” and “multiculturalism” in general. The two of them have way over-stayed their welcome, and they feel less like a good idea as they did 40 years ago, and now, more like an infestation destroying the higher nervous system. Western Civilization with its attempt to introduce “reason” onto the human palette over three centuries ago, is not only superior to these kinds of knuckle-dragging beliefs in tandem with their gratuitous cruelty, but it (we) are vastly superior. So Liberals, put that wherever you like. And I don’t care how old a culture is. Great. I’ll give it a gold star for longevity. If it has remained stuck and mired in primitive, self-limiting and atavistic ways, what difference and what credit to how old it is? It’s a wry question which we hear sometimes in the Western world, i.e.—”What have you done for me lately”? This applies to cultures and civilizations as well. And based on this joyous Chinese holiday, I think the answer must be, as regards China, and her Paleolithic-partner-in-the-depraved (Islam)—that they have contributed very little that’s innovative or uplifting to the species—and in this specific case, rather the opposite in fact.

Will Liberals, those great and virtuous defenders of the environment—defenders of animal rights, farm animal rights and supporters of no-kill animal shelters, step up and speak out about this? Likely not. Why not? Because that takes a spine and all I see on the Left these days is moral cowardice, petulance and emotional bed-wetting.

If the Chinese men simply must have dog meat, then how about slaughtering the dogs humanely? Well, in that respect it’s just like Halal slaughter in Islam. If the animal doesn’t suffer to an excruciating degree, it’s no good—and god the FATHER will not be pleased. As all good children are obligated to do, we must please dad at all costs. That’s the bedrock we-must-be-dutiful-children-and-please-daddy psychology that underlies these cultures. And as such it keeps humankind in a perpetual state of enslaved childhood. The West has done a much better job of sublimating this same message and impulse.

It’s becoming clear that Joseph Campbell, famous for his studies in mythology, was spot-on correct. He observed that the ending of “initiation rites” for males in the modern world would have dire consequences. His point was, that an initiation rite used to put a young boy through an ordeal at about the age of 12. If the boy was successful in that, he was praised for his bravery or cunning, or whatever was required of him. And everyone in the society acknowledged that he was a man from that time forward. Result? He never again had to prove his manhood to absurd degrees, because both he and everyone around, him KNEW that he had already achieved that. The burden (and volatility) of life-long proving of one’s masculinity had been lifted from him, and the society. Campbell goes on to say that girls do not need to be put through a similar rite or test. He tells us that in many cultures, the girl became a woman at the moment of her first menstruation. And the “initiation rite” for her was, a) accomplished by her own biology, and b) by the tribal women who would put her in an isolated, but safe, setting, so she could think about what and who she was in the larger scheme of life. When he was asked, “What is woman”?—his immediate answer was, “Woman is a vehicle for life. And she is to realize that.”—and fully understand all the implications of that. That’s how she becomes an adult.

Ah, but yes you’ll say—that’s primitive. And I’ll say, yes that’s primitive, but that’s one of the things that should have survived—or at least the awareness of it should have survived in some form. Initiations rites turned a child into an adult. Maybe the world, and all the animals in it would be a happier place if something like it had survived. I often think that serving in the military at an early age can accomplish this. A young fellow comes out of that experience, especially if he’s been in combat, as NOT the same boy who went in. It’s a kind of initiation rite.

It’s difficult to boycott Chinese goods, since we have blindly outsourced 98% of our manufacturing to them over the past 40 years—so they could over-populate themselves. But I will make an effort to at least look for an alternative to “Made in China” when making my buying decisions.

Bon Appetit.

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