Too Lazy To Do Your Homework? Then Flunk Western Civ.

This is already, and will be, Justin Trudeau’s legacy for Canada and everywhere else that Western democracies continue to either make excuses for Islam, or ignore its clearly-stated objectives. For just those reasons, it’s very difficult to watch and listen to this neighbor from Hamilton, Ontario as she is appalled by the behavior of her Islamist neighbors. I wasn’t surprised in the least. But in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, violent behavior from Moslems not only gets a pass, but anyone who draws attention to it by calling the police, will be labeled as Islamophobic. The police would NOT respond to their call because in the Hyper-Liberal Western nations, Moslems must be indulged and coddled at all costs. And there will be costs. This is just the beginning.

We see western nation, after western nation, who have bent themselves over backwards—as they welcome Moslem “refugees”—with big hugs and painted love-hearts everywhere. And these same countries have done this out of the goodness of their hearts, but unfortunately and lethally, also out of the laziness of their minds—and the unquestioned validity of their own Hyper-Liberal belief system which is bankrupt.

We see a majority of governments in the west who simply cannot wait to bring in hundreds of thousands of people who embrace a supremacist and violent ideology and who, moreover, call that wrathful ideology: Perfection on Earth. That is Islam’s claim.

It’s great and laudable to be welcoming to genuine refugees. But dedicated adherents to Islamism must be, factually, an exception. When one sees the carnage that has occurred in Western cities, and elsewhere, in the last several decades—always in the name of Allah, or Islam—then certainly one’s intellectual curiosity must be piqued. No? Nope. Not at all. Not even in the least. The over-arching ideology in the West these days of Hyper-Liberalism has trumped intellectual curiosity in all cases.

What self-righteous fools we’ve become—filled with self-loathing. Civilizations that lose self-confidence, die, usually through conquest—often by barbarians who have been waiting right at the gates of the city. But ALWAYS, it is someone living within the city gates who opens those gates, and says “Welcome”.

I was curious about this latest immigrant “ism” rushing onto our shores, with its self-righteous and holy claims of perfection. So I began to educate myself about the basic tenets of this ideology known as Islam. I questioned and studied what its history is all about, how it has interacted with other ethnicities and cultures throughout the ages, what  it preaches today, and even for example, something as basic as—is their idea of the function of a mosque the same as my idea of a church? (The answer, by the way, is a resounding “No”.)

But people are not doing that in the West. Instead they are relying on their ideology and their ideological “memes” for answers and direction. In this case, where Islamism is concerned, that is like refusing to study for the exam, but being smug in the self-deluded knowledge that you’ll receive a passing grade. All will be well, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

How does one begin to explain this basic “cause and effect” reality to ADULTS? One should not have to, it should be obvious. But where Islam is concerned, it has been anything but obvious. We have either been a “slow study”, or a “no study”. And here is one relatively small result out of thousands. And it is just a beginning.

“How”, you may ask, do we know this? We know this because unlike most Liberals, we have done our homework on Islam. And EVERYTHING that we have learned, everything, has informed us of this basic FACT: Islam and Western ideas (and ideals) of civilization and democracy are utterly—totally—completely—incompatible—and IRRECONCILABLE. And that is precisely why Rudyard Kipling wrote that, “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.”

It’s not pleasant to have to affirm that. But anyone, doing even a modicum of research (homework) can only come to that conclusion. Anyone, doing a modicum of homework must experience this epiphany of adulthood: that in situations where your life is at stake, the facts must trump ideology. But this epiphany has not occurred. Instead we see supposedly educated people, such as the sleepwalkers at The Southern Poverty Law Center (which we used to support) telling us that people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel are Islamophobic, anti-Moslem, racists. That’s worse than not doing your homework—it’s opening the city gates, and…

It’s symptomatic of something gone lethally wrong in Western thinking, or refusing to think. Sadly, we may all pay the price for it. We will live to see the day when constitutional law is banished from places like Germany, and Sharia is instituted in its place. And then…

…Our progeny, one or two generations hence, will curse us and all memories of us. And they’ll be right to do so, but it will be too late.

The End?


Canadians who want an “A” in the course without ever having done their homework. Their progeny will curse them and their stupidity. And it’s coming fast. The failing grades are being posted all over the Western world. And Islam does not provide “safe spaces”.

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