Yet Another Islamic Senile Rant About The Joy of Homosexual Executions.

Where does one begin with this? (link)

To amend the above graphic—It’s not just the “hatred” that’s “not OK”. It’s about “not OK”—for any ideology which not only preaches gays must be executed in the most painful ways possible—but it’s about a “not OK”—for an ideology which has been acting upon this belief for almost 1500 years, and wants you to embrace it as well—through the vehicle known as Sharia Law.  The cleric seen in this video link is one of tens of thousands currently rendering their erudite opinions across the world and across electronic media to an audience of well over one billion people. And these opinions are firmly grounded in Koranic texts and religious commentaries as written and “thought out” over the centuries. (Didn’t these people have anything better to do with their time? Apparently not.)

When did Liberals lose their way, and turn their backs on speaking out against this? And they haven’t just “turned their backs” on these issues, Liberals have warmly embraced the purveyors of this debauched and depraved ideology—to the point of gleefully breaking the law and destroying public property in its defense.

And please, let’s not get into the discussion about the “Moderate Moslem Majority”. Pew Research poll, after Pew Research Poll have shown incontrovertibly, that this idea of the moderate Moslem majority is a myth.

This lethal persecution of homosexuality is bedrock Islam—not Radical Islam, just Islam. And if any of the catatonic Liberals out there would bother to pick up some books and start reading, they would start to realize that living in the Land of Ideological Make Believe, where they’ve been, is an unhealthy and very dangerous place to be—insofar as this subject is concerned.

The End?

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