Never Ending Childhood & Gender “Choice”

Be Anything You Want To Be (link)

Here we have an update on gender choice and the momentum which it is gaining—but only in the “developed” countries. I think that this latest trend of devolved consciousness is the inevitable outcome of a movement which started, at least, in the 1960’s—the era of perpetual, flowery, childhood.

It’s not quite this simple, but this is part of what motivated Hippies to challenge and defy the status quo. Sex. That’s right. Sex. Young men wanted sex, period. And they didn’t want to have to “work” for it or be bothered with courting a woman, who they referred to as “chicks”. Males, of any age, in that era were known as “man”, but women, that’s right adult women, were known as “chicks”. But the driving force behind the Hippie Movement was boy-childish-pique for not being able to get the sex they wanted, when they wanted it. Listen to the music of the era. It tells all: “Do it in the road, Love the one you’re with, Catholic girls start way too late, I need you I want you, but there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna love you”. Eventually, “the chicks” started to buy into the “free love” idea as well. Of course it wasn’t “love” and had nothing to do with it. It was a completely impersonal act. The musical list is exhaustive and I won’t take the time to name them all. But every one of those songs reinforces a young male’s right to have sex whenever he wants it—and then to have his soul-dead behavior get labeled as “cool”. And, if “the chicks” wanted to be called “cool”, they’d better go along with it. It created a very chopped-up, disoriented, and lonely generation.

So that’s some of the groundwork for today’s transgender, be-whatever-sex-you-want-to-be movement.

In reality (that nasty word again): This movement and its Hippie predecessor,  is nothing more, at its root, than perpetual adolescence being indulged by an over-indulgent society which is utterly incapable of saying “NO”. Children want what they want. And if they don’t get it, they throw tantrums, or reinvent reality so they can live in their own world of Make Believe. And today’s parents, children themselves, go along with every whim and fairytale which their children invent. And here we have the results.

But—this “trans” movement insists that I live in that Land of Make Believe with them and, moreover, reinforce it for them. I will not. And I am disheartened to see this movement being given so much attention, credibility and, most amazingly—high praise. And while we’re on the topic, this phenomenon isn’t limited to the “personal”, it also applies to “groups” and entire group ideologies. I’ll let the reader fill in the blanks on that one. Back to the main point—

When these kids, who are allowed to make such life-altering decisions about whether they are male or female, at such an early age—emerge into an adult body, they will eventually find themselves tracking, inexorably, on a high speed head-on collision course with reality. The impact won’t feel good and there will be casualties. 

Look for a wave of suicides among these children-in-adults’-bodies within the next decades. We can wait for that.

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