The Pew Polls and The Really Bad News. Also Known as a Reality Check.

You don’t have to hate anyone, but we in the West must have the facts, and the courage to look at those facts, out and on the table, if we are to chart an intelligent AND SAFE course forward. We cannot navigate as a nation, or as individuals, based solely on wishful thinking and self-delusion. Take a hard look at this ideology.

Here is the truth about Islamism as presented by the very reputable Pew Research group—and we must know fact from fiction. So put your childish addiction to your ideology aside, whatever it is, and try some fact-finding for a change. We have.

This is the reality for which Linda Sarsour is endlessly proselytizing. And yes, despite her rosey depictions of it—it is nothing of the kind.

See for yourself. 

Pew Poll Information (click here for link)


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