Jews Must Flee Europe. Now. Immediately.

Dear, dear, dear Europeans—one and all—but in particular to the French and to the Germans with their warm and boundless generosity towards all who hate Jews:

Bravo. You can all heave a big sigh of relief.


Your lands will soon be free of Jews. Your fondest, deepest and most heartfelt wish is soon to be fulfilled. Rejoice. And best of all, when that long-hoped-for ethnic cleansing has occurred, probably within the next decade (sorry, you may have to wait THAT long) you will be able to raise your collective hands and say, with your usual fake innocence:

“Who? Me? Us? We didn’t do anything wrong. All that Moslem violence and their Jew-hatred meted out to our Jewish citizens was just a natural consequence of our being good people, helping poor Moslem refugees. We believe in helping refugees. How were we to know that Moslems have been as determined to kill all Jews as we have been?”

Nice try.

There is a putrid strain of Jew-hatred which has embedded itself into your very cultural DNA, put there by your medieval overlords, and your own religious doctrines which accuse Jews of everything vile, but especially deicide. And this justification for your hatred of Jews is, surprise surprise, shared by your Moslem invitees who you whoreship.

One appropriate response to your, fooling-no-one-but-yourselves-behavior is for tourists of conscience to Boycott, Divest and Sanction their tourist travel to Western Europe. We like to think of it more as a “smack-down”—such as you might apply to a child who is in truly desperate need of correcting. And that tourist-BDS-response to your endemic and unanswered Jew-hatred needs to begin right now.

So, we’ll put our money where our mouths are—let the “European Tourism BDS” begin with us, and gladly so. Anything that we can do to start a “European Tourism BDS” trend or movement, we shall gladly do until you stand up and do the right thing, which of course you won’t. So, say goodbye to our tourist dollars and from anyone else we can reach with the same message.

And while we’re at it, we’ll watch for any imports from France and Germany, among others, and boycott those products in addition to the “European Tourism BDS”. And maybe we can lobby hard enough here in the U.S. to have fruit or anything else imported from you to have a label on it so we know NOT to purchase it. You know, kind of like the labels you have for Israeli produce coming into your countries. One good turn does so deserve another. We’re sure you’ll understand. Yes indeed. Let those games begin.

It seems that the only thing which a European understands is money. Oh wait, that’s what you’ve said about Jews for the last thousand years at least. Dear, sweet Europe, don’t look in the mirror too long because everything that you’ve ever said about Jews, and murdered them for, will be staring right back at you—and we do mean “everything” you’ve ever said. What do psychiatrists call such a phenomenon?—projection? You know, accusing the other of exactly what you  have either done, are presently doing, or, are planning on doing.

Jews MUST start getting out of Europe now. The walls are once again closing in while Europe secretly rejoices—and while their Moslem guests are only being true to their Koranic obligation to exterminate all Jews everywhere. It’s just a matter of time before Jews will be forced to flee Europe. The demographics prove it. And both the history and holy writ of Islam, as well the history of Europe, proves that this will come to pass. Soon.

But—let’s see if, for example, Canada will open its doors to this group of legitimate (Jewish) refugees as warmly and generously as it has fallen all over itself to put out the welcome matt to people who not only are NOT real refugees—but who instead are the purveyors of a murderous Jew-annihilating ideology—Islamism. And let’s see if the great, all embracing, Liberal Movement and Democratic Party in the United States will be as vociferous, sign-carrying, and as in-your-face-public about welcoming Jewish refugees as they have been for Moslem so-called refugees (“yearning to breathe free”).

By the way, “Freedom”, in Islam, means something entirely different from what Emma Lazarus was describing in her lines which appear with the Statue of Liberty. “Freedom” only occurs in Islam when the entire world groans under the yoke of Sharia Law (as proselytized by the Liberals’ and Democrats’ darling, Linda Sarsour, for example). That’s the Islamic notion of “yearning to breathe free”. Sorry to have to burst that Liberal bubble and initiate Liberals into the world of adulthood, unpleasant facts and reality.

Islamism is the enemy of all Democracy-loving people. And sadly, it must also be the enemy of all Jews with a brain in their heads and the slightest understanding of Islamic history and and its intentions towards Jews—as supported by Islamic religious doctrine .

WHEREVER we see an increase in the Moslem population we will see a commensurate rise in Jew-hatred and murder—and by the way, the same goes for gays as well. But, most Western leaders, such as Mr. Trudeau of Canada (dressed in Moslem garb, and gleefully joining prayers at the mosque as we have seen) will continue to welcome into Canada thousands more of people who are under a religious obligation to prey upon the Jewish segment of Canadian citizenry. But that’s fine with the Prime Minister. He comes from a proud European heritage, so that brand of iniquity is part of his cultural DNA. But the funny thing about cultural DNA is that it can be removed, or rendered inert, but only if the individual wishes it to be.


Thinly buried in the European soul, borne out by historical fact, is a fervent wish to have a Jewish population of zero. And soon Europeans will have their wish fulfilled. But this time they’ll be able to claim that their hands are clean, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. Trying to stop Islam’s inevitable take-over of Europe would require real adult leadership—a leadership able to look at the facts and take the necessary steps—such as: stopping all Moslem immigration, holding Moslem residents accountable, and calling them out for their hate based actions, preachings, proclamations and unending and unfounded social protests.

As surly and New-York-City-tough as Trump appears to be sometimes, he is spot-on-correct in his perception of Islamism as an existential threat to ALL freedom-loving, democracy-loving and constitutional-law-loving Americans.

Such ideas as those are literally apostasy in Islam. In Islam, there is to be one allegiance, and one allegiance only—and that is to Allah—and never to any secular authority. Period. No discussion. That’s right, to Allah alone—Tinkerbell’s malevolent doppelgänger in the sky.

The End?

Read It For Yourself



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