What is: “The Farhud”? A Day of Celebration in the Moslem World. June 1st.

It’s June 2 and we have missed a day of joyous celebration in the Moslem world.

What we, the average Westerner, know about Islam and its history, both recent and ancient, is sub-atomic in size compared to what we do not know—and moreover, do not bother ourselves with discovering. And our universities, and current dialogue, have been fastidiously careful to limit the scope of our knowledge about Islam to repeated platitudes about some Golden Age which took place in Arab-conquered Europe in the 7th or 8th centuries. (That “Golden Age” in itself is a myth, but that’s for another posting.) But that history, Islamic history, all 1400 years of it— is filled with unrelenting hatred and brutality, particularly directed at Jews because Jews had refused the message and “ministry” of Mohammed in the 600’s. The average Westerner knows nothing of this. And yet, Liberals in particular, either lacking in facts or willfully suppressing the facts, will throw themselves into mass demonstrations of rage in order to defend this ideology known as Islam, which has always, since its inception, seethed with genocidal intent for all Jews—and not just intent.

We use the term “ideology” when referring to Islam, because it, Islam, is NOT what we in the West think of when we talk about a religion. For us, religion is something personal which does not, for example, dictate how our legal systems operate—or how every minute of our lives are to be organized. But Islam does just that. In Western Civilization, priests and pastors do NOT decide on legal matters and punishment on the basis of their personal and religious sense of “jurisprudence”. But Islam does just that. Democracy insists on the separation of church and state. Islam insists on the exact opposite. And that is called Sharia.

A “reality check” is long overdue in learning about Islam, even if we limit that discovery to the last 100 years or so.

To the point—Farhud:

What is the “The Farhud” and why is it celebrated by Moslems everywhere? “Farhud” in Arabic means “violent dispossession”, which is a nice way of saying, “looting, plundering and slaughter, often genocidal in nature”.

Largely unknown in the West is the fact that the Middle East was once home to millions of Jews. Jews had lived in settled communities over a large geographical area in the Middle East for well over two thousand years. There were ancient communities of Jews in what is today Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. But they are no more. Where have they gone? And most importantly, why are they gone?

Here’s one explanation which is carefully omitted from any discussion or representation of Islam. 

One of the largest and oldest Jewish communities in the Middle East was in Baghdad.  That’s right, Iraq. However, on June 1, 1941, that came to a sudden end when the Moslem population, aided by Moslems from all over the Islamic world (who had already allied themselves with Hitler and who were backed and armed by his regime) poured into Baghdad for one purpose and one purpose only—to exterminate the ancient Jewish population of that city. They didn’t quite kill everyone, although that was the intent. Some Jews escaped. The word “kill” doesn’t really do justice to what occurred. 

The event is known as “The Farhud” which lasted two days, and it is celebrated throughout the Moslem world. Our first source for this information comes from a book by the same title, “The Farhud” by Edwin Black. And we think it’s best to let the author describe this very small example of genocidal, Jew-hating, Islamic history. The book is scholarly and yet it’s a “good read”. All sources are listed and it’s easy to check on those sources. Here are some excerpts.

Mr Black writes:

“The Farhud became a cherished event among Arabs in Baghdad, not a source of shame. Celebrated in song and slogans, Arab chants constantly warned that more was coming. One song opened with “How lovely if only a Farhud occurred every day.” A common warning to the Jews of Iraq was this: “That was just a small festival. The time will come for the big one.” 64

Black, Edwin (2012-11-30). The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust (Kindle Locations 6334-6337). Dialog Press. Kindle Edition

“The perpetrators the Farhud were not a gang, or a few errant officers. It was a mass movement unleashed, one that broadly adopted the Nazi desire to destroy the Jews. The Farhud was a turning point in Arab hatred for Jews. Now it was time for more Arabs across the Islamic world to join the war against the Jews. That they would do. Shoulder-to-shoulder with the murderous Nazis, from the battlefield to the concentration camp, from the propaganda offices, to the supply lines— Arabs would do their utmost to advance Hitler’s war to exterminate the Jews, from Palestine to Poland.”

Black, Edwin (2012-11-30). The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust (Kindle Locations 6337-6341). Dialog Press. Kindle Edition. 

“Farhud. In Arabic, the word means violent dispossession. It was a word the Jews of Europe never knew. Holocaust, it was a word the Jews of Iraq never knew. But soon they would all know its meaning regardless of the language they spoke. After the events of June 1– 2, 1941, both words came together.”

In other words, Hitler’s approach appeared more than a millennium after the Muslim world had initiated the very same doctrine. What Islam decreed in the Pact of Umar in the seventh and eighth centuries, when it established the concept of dhimmitude, became a highly visible precedent for the Christian anti-Semites anti-Semites of the Middle Ages. That Christian anti-Semitic tradition was resurrected by the Third Reich. But the ideas were 1,400 years old.” 1

Black, Edwin (2012-11-30). The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust (Kindle Locations 6359-6360). Dialog Press. Kindle Edition.

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