Graphic Riddle of The Day

There are some interesting and pertinent graphics being created and we have decided to feature some of them from time to time. This one below doesn’t pose much of a riddle to anyone who has an IQ over 80.

For Moslems, The Sunnah—the examples of The Prophet—how he lived his life and what he deemed of great value, is often even more important than The Koran itself. So, what gems of wisdom do we find in the Sunnah? As just stated, we have the life of The Prophet, as exemplar—in other words, a life, his life, that is to be emulated by all who follow Islam.

OK. We can start at the beginning. Mohammed’s first wife was FIVE YEARS OLD when he married her. But, because he was a gentleman of the highest order (only according to Moslem values that is) he waited until she was 9 before raping her. And she wasn’t the last. That’s the model that Moslems have to follow, and you can confirm this on your own. Just google life of the Prophet Mohammed and keep reading if you have the stomach for it.

So if you wonder why Iran  recently, “legally” lowered the marrying age for girls, to age nine, the Prophet’s behavior and example is the reason why. Today’s Feminists (The Dumb Broads Movement) are good with that. Not a peep out of them.

Islam is so much more than just a private religion as we understand it in the West. It is a political movement whose goal is nothing less than world domination by any and all means necessary—even with a smile, so you, in your innocence, are completely disarmed. And most of all it is a movement that gives itself complete license to prey upon the youngest and most vulnerable among us—young girls. No surprises in the Manchester target. The British cannot even protect their own citizenry from this metastizing “religion”.

Text Source: Modern Day Trojan Horse. A must read if you want to get at the facts.

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