The Perfect Ideological Storm

First, we have Islam, which is a supremacist ideology that wants to kill anything which is not itself. The Koran makes that clear.

And then we have a hyper-idealistic, Liberal ideology which believes, with all its heart and soul that Islam, like a spoiled brat-child, has the right to do exactly whatever it wants—with no objections to its behavior allowed from anywhere or anyone. That’s today’s Liberals: Childish. Bratty. Self-absorbed. Intellectually incurious, and having totally lost sight of where they came from, and what they’ve got.

That lethal blend not only makes for a Perfect Storm, it creates the…

…perfect formula for the end of Western Civilization.

…perfect formula to ensure that our children and grandchildren will be living under the sickness known as Sharia—and to be subject to the cruelty and vagaries of that system of “governance” for centuries to come, if not longer.

…perfect formula to see every bit of progress and contribution made by the West, erased.

…perfect formula to see any of the issues which Liberals adore, destroyed—and you can start with their poster child of virtue-signaling, global warming—because Islam and Arab wealth depend on fossil fuels for their wealth and power. Islam does not in the least, share Liberals’ high brow concern for Mother Earth. In fact, Islam despises anything which even hints of “the feminine”. And anything that does even hint of that is to be ruthlessly, and preferably cruelly, shackled, brutalized and finally obliterated.

It’s the makings of a perfect storm if you’re rooting for the destruction of Western Civilization.

If you’re a Liberal, you are probably cheering for just such an event. And if you’re one of today’s “modern” Liberals, you are among the most spoiled, childish and immature collection of people and ideas that has ever blighted the human mind—that along with Islam—for which you would riot and rampage to protect. What folly.

Talk about NOT knowing where one’s bread is buttered. Modern Liberals are the perfect embodiment of that old expression. And I do hope that using such an expression marks me as “old school” which is far preferable to “idiotic kindergarten”.

In comparing Islam to modern day Liberalism—both are death cults of a slightly different stripe. But both are possessed by a suicidal ideology—one which is clearly seen on the surface, and one which is not. In Islam, the love of death is right there in front of your face; and Islamists are proud to tell you that their ideology cares nothing of the affairs of the living. It is the dead, and the great hereafter, that matters to Islamism.  Liberals feel the same way but in this regard: their embrace of the death-wish is subconscious. Liberals would not be courting, and defending Islam in the many ways in which they do, if they did not also have a death-wish somewhere deep inside of them. You don’t need a degree in psychiatry to perceive and understand that much. Liberals will be consumed by that which they so admire and claim as one of their social “causes célèbres”. And that is, unlimited Islamist influence and unlimited Islamist growth within western cultures. It’s multiculturalism turned self-destructive.

I would be tempted to say, that I don’t give a damn what Liberals think about Islam, except that the Liberals’ love affair with that culture of death will impact me in ways that I do not want. I shall be, and am, forced to stand against ANY implementation of Sharia Law in The United States. I will not make even one social concession to Moslems’ supposed special needs in this country. Rather it is THEY who must make concessions to me and our ways. (We are not their servants, even though their ideology marks us as such—with we being known as “dhimmis” according to The Koran. ) And in order to do ensure this, step one lies in calling out the Left’s revolting and free-speech-squelching “Islamophobia phobia”. It’s a sickness which has turned telling the truth into today’s hate speech.

Is this civil war in the making?

Modern day Liberalism was, used to be, a good idea that has been taken to absurd, utterly absurd extremes. And there in Manchester, and at all of the other Islamic-motivated killing-places, we see the result of not just allowing an Islamic invasion of the West, but of actively welcoming it! Generous immigration is one thing, an invasion is another. It takes an adult to understand the difference, and most important, to act appropriately. But, modern day Liberals are heirs to an unexamined hippie-era, immature view of life which has been taken to unsustainable extremes. And we are seeing the results which their “wishing-for-the-land-of-make-believe” engenders.

The End?

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