Abbas, Manchester, And The Two Faces of Islam (at least)

In an earlier post we talked about the four different ways (at least) that one can, and  even should, tell a lie as a Moslem. Here, in the video below, is your textbook, classic example of Islamic-condoned-lying, and it’s staggering. We have NOTHING like it in our Judeo-Christian heritage—rather the opposite in fact—as is usually the case when comparing the two traditions and world views.

On the other hand, if you have an understanding of the Islamic doctrines which informs him (Abbas), there are no surprises. You can’t make this up and it is part and parcel of Islamic teaching and history.

Can we please put the facts about Islam out on the table—finally? Trying to talk about this subject, Islam, without understanding Islam’s structure, history and religious vocabulary, is like trying to understand music without using or understanding the words: rhythm, cadence, eighth notes, quarter notes, measures, time signatures, keys, etc—you get the idea. If we cannot put all the facts relating to Islamic ideology out on the table of public discourse, we will be utterly unable to chart an intelligent course. And by steadfastly refusing to see what is, we put ourselves and our children in grave danger.

Islam must be called out as the root of all this mayhem and cruelty. Ignoring it, or calling it by another name, will not make it go away.

Let the dialogue begin.



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