A Very Big Elephant In The Room

When there’s an elephant in the room, introduce it. Everyone will be better off for it. So, let’s finally introduce ISLAM and its teachings, its history and the example set by Mohammed as “the elephant in the room”. Islam, that’s where the problem begins. And yet, almost all of the media are very careful not to introduce this elephant. In fact they’ll go to great lengths to avoid the introduction or to even hint at it. Does that make them Elephantophobic? Sure does. It also makes them children, cowards, and obscurers of the reality which we are facing.

Commentators can talk all they want about “lone wolves”, “radicalized young men”, “Europe’s unwillingness to embrace the refugees”, and the list of camouflaging excuses and diversions goes on and on. The sad and very difficult truth is that these violent attacks are what is explicitly spelled out in the Koran and all of the other “holy” writings in Islam. Based on those writings, we have Imams (Moslem preachers) all over the world, telling their followers to do exactly what we have seen in Manchester and elsewhere. I’m sure that Moslem social media is packed with congratulatory messages and celebration over the murders of infidel children. That is the now-customary social-media-response in the Islamic world. Sorry to burst Liberals’ bubble on that score. And sorry to have to tarnish your notions of the “moderate Moslems who are the majority”.

Followers of Islam are commanded by their religion to smite the necks of the infidels and to murder and exterminate those will not accept the Prophet Mohammed as God’s true and one and only messenger. So, within the context of Islam it is not “radical” in the least to commit these acts. To the true followers of Islam, slaying the infidels wherever they are found is following the Koran to the letter—and by the example set by the Prophet Mohammed himself. Jews are usually first on the list of those needing extermination. And, in case you didn’t know, tens of thousands of young Moslem men did in fact wear the uniform of  Hitler’s Third Reich for the sole purpose of killing Jews—and they did. It always strike me as perversely rich when Palestinians hysterically accuse Israel of genocide, given their relatives’ complicity and gleeful participation in the genocide of World War II. Unlike Germany, they feel no remorse for the actions of their parents or grandparents. Instead, the goose-steppers in their family trees are heros to the Palestinians and other Moslems throughout the Middle East whose relatives served as Hitler’s enthusiastic minions.

And despite what Donald Trump told the fifty Moslem representatives gathered to listen to him about souls going to hell—according to the Koran, the souls of these “martyrs” go to heaven only IF THEY COMMIT THESE ACTS, not if they abstain. And to think that you are insulting their depraved actions by referring to them as an “ideology of death”—is naive. Islam prides itself on being all about “the next world” and not this one. That concept is intrinsic to Islam. (Do your homework).

Donald Trump cannot lecture Moslems on what is holy or virtuous or evil. Our notions of good and evil in the West are diametrically opposed to what Islam says is “good” or “evil”. Time to get that concept into your western-educated brains. It’s a difficult inverted concept for us, but the two traditions do have very different ideas of what good and evil mean. In Islam, the mere existence of people who do not adhere to Sharia Law and the way of Islam are, by definition, evil and bad. Period. And it won’t matter how much a westerner lectures Moslems on ideas of good and evil. The Islamic-faithful are laughing themselves silly over that part of the speech. And the laughter will be followed by rage—how dare an infidel tell them, the followers of the true religion, whose soul is damned and whose is not? As a matter of fact, the more we in the West tell the Jihadis that they are damned, the more they KNOW that they are on the true path to salvation and eternal heaven. That’s unequivocal confirmation for them! (72 virgins await—otherwise it would be a sexless afterlife. And unlimited sex is the guaranteed right of every Moslem male, which is a major part of its allure for some westerners. The woman must say “yes”.)

But none of what Trump said regarding the soul or evil will matter anyway. So I don’t hold it against Trump that he expressed such a naive concept—naive in the sense that not only was it, from the standpoint of religion, meaningless to his Moslem audience, but it was in fact a source of confirmation for their actions.

The end?

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