Let’s Knock it Off With The Jew-Hatred Already. Enough is Enough.

Jew-hatred, Jew-blaming, Ad nauseum—it’s an old story and always a lethal one for Jews, with consequences for everyone. And whether they know it or not, which they most assuredly do not, it debases those who promote and engage in it. Jew hatred debases all of humanity.

It’s time to stop this deeply entrenched, largely religious, contagion cold—no matter where, or within which tradition, we find it. And that will take courage—real courage—real adulthood, and would result in some much needed and genuine growth for humankind.

Judensau?—Here we have endemic, medieval and ongoing Jew hatred and its roots right in front of your face. It’s the topic of the enclosed video featured below.

At lunch the other day, I was having a discussion about world events with a German friend when she popped up with the following question. In tone it seemed more like a rhetorical question. She asked, “I wonder why it is that Jews are hated so much?” I decided to have a “go” at it. And besides, since she knows that I’m the one who reads about, and attends seminars about the history of Christianity and related topics, she may have thought that maybe I’d have some insights into her question. I’m no PhD “authority”, which undoubtedly makes me more open-minded and brighter, but I know how to research and read, and that’s really all it takes in order to have a big overview of history, and of this history in particular.

My reply to her was:

“That’s an easy one. Jews are hated everywhere they’ve attempted to live, and have been forced to eek out a meager and persecuted living because, a) they have no other place of their own to go to so they are eternal guests in someone else’s home and, b) as a result of “a”, Jews have been forced to live at the whim of either Christian or Islamic rulers. And in both cases Jews have been forced to pay exorbitant fines, or “protection money”, literally, just not to be killed by these same rulers—which they were anyway—killed that is. “

In King John’s time (England, c.1205), chroniclers of that era tell us that any Jew who could not pay this crippling “Jew tax” demanded by the Crown, would be “beaten until his teeth fell out”. Jews have always lived at the very bottom, rock bottom, of every social order in which they have found themselves until relatively recently.

Their crime? In the religious doctrines of both religions, Islam and Christianity, Jews are held responsible for the death of God—deicide—if you can wrap your head around that bit of insanity. But nevertheless, that has been the narrative for thousands of years in the case of Christianity and ‘only’ for 1400 years in the case of Islam which, in the Koran, equates Jews with apes and dogs. (And that may be partly why Moslems have an aversion to dogs—which by the way they often treat with horrific cruelty.)

This religious narrative of the Jews as the killers of God, has been used by kings in both traditions to shift blame for their failures, to the Jews whenever it suited their princely needs. In the case of Islam, however, the root of this Jew-hating-illness goes much deeper. Even the Gospel of John can’t hold a candle to the vitriolic hatred of Jews which is present in ALL of Islamic holy writ—all of it. And anyone who really thinks that the “reason” we have terror attacks worldwide, is because of the Israeli-Palestinian situation, isn’t doing their homework. Even ISIS, in their magazine, Dabiq, will tell you, point blank so to speak, that the reason they hate the West and Jews is because Allah and The Prophet Mohammed tell them to do so.

So here in the subject of this video, we have a relic of the past, still very much in evidence in Germany—the idea of the Judensau—the Jew-sow. This dates back well into the Middle Ages. In this case, we have a sculpture, on a church, which depicts a rabbi looking up the butt of a pig for his religious inspiration, while his semi-human and grostesque followers suckle at her teets.

(By the way, for those who might be interested: the reason that the pig has been held in such contempt goes WAY back. The original religion in the Middle East, and all over Europe and Eurasia was based on goddess worship. And the accompanying animal often associated with the goddess as depicted in art from that time, is, you guessed it, the sow. Why?—because our Neolithic forbearers, and even earlier, understood and worshiped the power of the female to give birth and then to be able to sustain and nurture new life. In other words, to suckle it—and by extension, ensure the future and good health of the tribe or group. When patriarchal religions swept that 20,000+ year old tradition out of memory, everything related to it and HER had to be destroyed—erased forever. It is no different from what ISIS and all religious-inspired conquests do today and have always done. And if anyone thinks that the great cathedrals of Europe, for example, will be safe from a similar fate as Islam rises to prominence in Europe and elsewhere in the West, they are indulging in wishful and childish dreaming and thinking. History does not bear out your wishful and childish thinking or hoping.

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