Guest Speaker: Raheel Raza and Demographic Facts

We are interested in dealing with the facts, not platitudes that make you feel good about yourself. And the facts regarding Islam are sobering and must be introduced into any adult discussion about refugees, or the current state of Islam and how that ideology, or will not, contribute to, or integrate into, the United States.

These are fair questions based not on prejudice—or racism, as is the usual reflex and intellectually lazy accusation from the Left these days—but is instead based on the ideology of Islam itself as it clearly spells out its deepest beliefs in the Koran and elsewhere. And that includes the “sermons” which are preached by Imams all over the Islamic world—and of course by the violent attacks and carnage we see with increasing frequency in Europe. Every one of those attacks is dedicated to God.

And Moslems around the world either: a) say nothing, or b) heap praise upon it. Moslem social media is overrun with high praise and rejoicing after each attack. So please save your “Most Moslems are peace loving people” argument for elsewhere. For peace loving people they sure do keep pretty much quiet about violence committed in the name of their religion. And even if and when they faintly speak out against it, issues of Taqiyya, Tawriya, Kitman and Muruna need to be addressed. But that’s for another posting.

So how about at least considering some grown-up dealing with the facts which are presented by a Moslem woman—Raheel Raza. She’s lived the horrors of Islam and its cruel traditions.





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