Islam 101 For The Clueless

…And by the title of this article, we are NOT trying to be funny. Most people in The West either have zero idea of what Islam is really about, or worse—MUCH WORSE—believe what our leaders have repeatedly told us what it is—a religion of Peace. Nothing could be further from the truth—which is a nice way of saying that these leaders of ours have either: a) been lying to us with a straight face and heartfelt stage-worthy conviction, or, b) are woefully ignorant of the facts, for which there is no excuse. It’s part of their job to KNOW fact from fiction.

We are always suggesting that our readers educate themselves about Islam. But, that takes time and a lot of effort. For people working multiple jobs and just trying to put food on the table, such an assignment drops to about 92nd place in their “List of Things To Do”. That’s understandable, even though the danger to them, and everything they hold dear, is enormous.

This video takes all of the work out of the task of arduous research. It contains facts which the West MUST know. We must also acknowledge that many of our leaders have been complicit in the white-washing of this ideology in order to mollify any legitimate concerns which Americans might and should have. And we must question why these same leaders have lied to us in the past, and continue to do so now. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) has taken this defense and promotion of Islam to new and exorbitant levels. He does not merely defend Islam, he is involved in a torrid and steamy love affair with it! It’s like watching a starry-eyed teenager in love for the first time and his Islamo-intoxicated-state bodes poorly for all of us.

Even Donald Trump cannot completely “tell it like it is”—although he has been the most factual, with regards to this subject, of ANY Western leader anywhere. The others should all hang their heads in shame. They won’t. There must be something in it for them to sell out their own nations.

Acts of  Islamic terror which grab our attention at an ever-increasing rate, are really nothing more than a side show or a distraction to hide the really important work of Stealth Jihad (the quiet and unnoticed infiltration of all societal institutions) which is occurring right under our noses. And the really bad news is, this has been a deliberate and carefully orchestrated process, with Western assistance and with a decades-long history behind it (at least).

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