Where Are The Feminists These Days?

Where are the Feminists these days? Still fuming because Donald Trump used the “pussy” word?—while THIS IS GOING ON by the millions. I despise the lot of them for their cowardice, their hypocrisy, and their appalling lack of intellectual acumen, for allowing themselves to be led by Sharia-intoxicated Linda Sarsour—and that’s just for openers.

Here’s someone who can talk to us about Female Genital Mutilation. I didn’t believe that ANY culture or ideology on earth could be so depraved and so debauched as to engage in this. But, there is such an ideology. An no, it’s not the ethos of Hitler’s medical experiments, but that was a good guess.

Where are the Feminists? Oh yes, excuse me, Linda did speak out against it, but hastened to add that Islam has nothing to do with this, and that you will not find approval for this in The Koran. Both are lies. But what else is new?

I stand against ANY ideology which tells me that this is God’s will. If that’s the case, then I stand against such a God as a moral and ethical obligation. Where are the Feminists when it comes to worldwide child rape and molestation? They are no where to be found, that’s where they are. Or else they’re out parading like they’re on some school field trip, wearing an effigy of an internal organ on their heads.

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