Pedophilia is Exalted in Islam. This Is An Ethical Crisis. Are We Up to Calling It Out?

Islam should be condemned by all Western societies for this alone—Child Abuse and Sexual Assault. We must NOT allow this fact of Islam and Islamic teaching and practice to be whitewashed by Moslem apologists.

These verses from The Koran, which you will hear in the video,  are a description and endorsement of brutal child rape. What happens when an adult male shoves his erect penis into the body of a 7 year old girl and thrusts it and himself around to his climax? I’ll tell you what happens—She is ripped up, torn, bloody, probably internally damaged, and screaming for it to stop. But in this ideology of Islam, all that matters, all that is important, is that the male have great sex by any means that he chooses. Compassion for another is NOT to be considered, as a matter of fact, it is to be guarded against. (Koran)

As an added female-hating-female-detesting-bonus, the young child will likely become deathly ill and infected in the aftermath of being brutally fucked by an adult male. Yes, “fucked”, is in this case, the correct word. Ayotallah Khomeini was proud of raping the 5 year old daughter of a family he was visiting. He kept her all night and shoved his erect penis into her, both vaginally and anally because his religion endorses it through the example of The Prophet. She screamed all night, and her parents would do nothing because it is the will of Allah. The description of the event is proudly posted on YouTube, with commentary and praise for the act by some important Imam. He smiles all the way through the description.

Allah must be called out for the psychopathic maniac that he is, and the same for his sick and depraved Messenger.

If there is no push-back from us, then this is what we will have in this country within 20 years. Europe already has Sharia Courts—Islamic religious courts which have been given legal standing. Sick. Sickening.

And if Allah is offended, then, since he is all-powerful, let him take of it himself.

You will NOT hear one Moslem condemn this depraved and debauched part of Islam. To the contrary in fact: the internet is full of Imams who preach and advocate for this. And Reza Aslan deals in Taqqiya—lying in order to protect or promote ISLAM.

We feel morally obligated to speak out against this IDEOLOGY. Why is it an IDEOLOGY? It is an ideology because the rules and laws of The Koran control ALL aspects of life. That’s more than “religion” as we in the West understand it.

In this video, the last presenter asks, “Where is the so-called mercy that Islam promises?” As we discussed in an earlier post: what we call “mercy”, and how we understand that word, is NOT how Moslems understand or interpret that word. For them, “mercy” means helping everyone follow the path of Mohammed. For them, “mercy” means, becoming and being a devout Moslem.

We are using the same words, but with entirely different meanings, and we in the West must be aware of that cultural difference—only one among thousands—because some among us are being duped into believing that Islam really is quite wonderful by people like Reza Aslan and our own Saudi-paid-off leaders.

Do we really want this in the West?

Is it crazy to try and control the immigration into this country of people who would die in order to promote such psychopathic behavior?

It Means One Thing in Islam, The Opposite to Us

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