Moslem Moderates? Where?

Here are two videos below that deal with this questions of “Is There Such a Thing as  a Moderate Moslem”?

The Koran and other Islamic writings tell us that it is not only OK for a Moslem to lie in order to promote or protect Islam, but that doing so is a high virtue.

So how do we tell a “moderate” Moslem from any other less moderate Moslem? According to the doctrine which makes lying a virtue—which is known by the name TAQQIYA in Islam—even a moderate Moslem who “appears” to be condemning terrorism, may in fact only be invoking TAQQIYA while holding the exact opposite belief.

Allow me to step back several decades: As children, we’d cross our fingers, hide that hand with the crossed-fingers behind our back, and then tell a big whopper of a lie feeling that we hadn’t done anything wrong. Then, when the person we were lying to would say “Really?”, we’d say, “No, ha ha, I had my fingers crossed, so it didn’t count.” —then we’d show them the hand with fingers tightly crossed.

We thought we were so clever when were seven years old and playing that game. But, I guess some traditions never outgrow childish pranks like that one. Another big difference is, that when our parents got wind of that cross-my-fingers-game, we were “discouraged” from ever playing it again!

Put your Puritanical, Judeo-Christian, Hindu or Buddhist values and ideals off to the side momentarily when listening to these people; and listen with THEIR ears instead. Moslems are not held to the same idea of telling-the-truth—all the time—no excuses—which those traditions just listed hold us to. But neither our religious doctrines, nor our secular laws condone or permit lying in any form.

But in Islam, The Koran etc is both the religious and the secular law. There is no difference and no barrier between the two. Period, end of that discussion. It’s why Moslems insisted upon having, and were granted, the right to have Sharia Courts in Britain. What an astounding lack of moral fortitude on the part of British elites to allow their hard-won, Magna Carta-secular laws to be dumped in the trash at the behest of such a vile and predacious ideology.

In the second video you’ll hear Barrack Obama educate us that: Islam is a religion of peace and Moslems the world over aspire for peace and justice and dignity. But, my dear reader, you must always ASK QUESTIONS. Example: What does “aspiring to live in peace and justice and dignity” mean to a Moslem?

It doesn’t mean what we think it means. To a Moslem, there can only be peace and justice and dignity when the entire world is being crushed under the rule of absolutist Islam. So, in a way, Obama is telling the truth. He’s just telling a half-truth that’s all. He just happened to leave out the all important qualifier of what those words means to Moslems. It makes me wonder if in fact he isn’t a closet-Moslem after all, because that could be as fine of an example of TAQQIYA as you’ll see or hear anywhere. And look at his facial expression——he KNOWS he’s lying. It’s written all over his face and you don’t need a Lie Detector Test to discern it.

How are we to know where the TRUTH ends and TAQQIYA begins???????

I think I MIGHT begin to believe the words of “moderate” Moslems if I saw consistent, persistent, passionate and dedicated evidence of it—in deeds and words. I MIGHT begin to believe it if I saw a genuine and in-depth attempt to assimilate into our western cultures, but I don’t see that—not really, not very convincingly I don’t. All I see and hear from moderate Moslems is rather faint, tepid, condemnation at best—and mostly, a lot of side-stepping of the issues, but always accompanied with lots of smiles and endearing words:

“Islam is a religion of peace”.

Said the spider to the fly.

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