It Means One Thing in Islam, The Opposite to Us

Katie Hopkins takes exception to a Jihadi being described by another Moslem as a “nice man”.

According to Moslem ways of thinking, he is not only a nice man, he’s a good and virtuous man as well—because in Moslem-think, that Jihadi was doing the will of God as set forth in The Koran. That equals “nice” and “good”—it has a totally different meaning to Westerners, however. You always have to “hear” their comments, from their mindset, and their way of understanding it, which most decidedly is NOT our way.

For example, the word “slander”, to us means to tell a lie about someone, thereby damaging their reputation. “Slander” for us is the same as a demonstrable falsehood. In Islam, however, when they use the word “slander” it means that you are telling a TRUTH about them which they DO NOT WANT TO HEAR or have made public.

These are hugely opposite cultural differences which the West needs to get smart about.

Nothing is as it appears to be, or sounds, when you’re dealing with Islam.

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