Boycott, Divest and Sanctions Against Hyper-PC Media


The Liberal Idiotic Establishment (LIE) are leaving me no choice by continuing to include me OUT of their desired readership and participation.

I’m from the largest party in this country: Independents. That means we think for ourselves and will not be swayed by the latest memes or group-think of either party. I don’t know why we call them “Parties”, they’re not very much fun. Interesting, maybe, but not fun. But at least Donald Trump has courage and genuine convictions.

Now this latest bit of insanity and afraid-of-your-own-shadow decision on the part of the “New York (Saudi Very Well Covertly Endowed) Times”. NYSVWCET. Did I get it right? Don’t you love that anacronym? There should be an award for it. Of course it’s not nearly as artful as LGBTTCOW or whatever the hell their nauseatingly mundane anacronym is at the present moment. I’m waiting for it to grow to the length of the alphabet. I was OK with LGBT. That only looks sort of stupid.

OK, so the list of “I’m Done With All of You” is growing. Since I am being included out from mainstream media, I’d like to return the favor. Here’s a brief “Fr’instance”:

1) No to Nat Geo for their accepting Saudi money in their productions and for producing Islamo-propaganda for western consumption. (click for video)

2) No to PBS for producing skewed “educational” packages on Islam for school kids, and for NO OTHER religion, only Islam and it’s in depth and all sicky sweet, which is to say, inaccurate.

3) And now, New York Times, take your PC stupidity, obsequiousness, spinelessness and perfidy—and count me out guys. See the link below for the article on “Female Genital Mutilation” which IT IS, but is now to be called Female Genital Cutting to make it sound like it’s the equivalent of a circumcision for a male. It most assuredly IS NOT. So they are dealing in lies once again. Done with you.

The list grows. Sadly.

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