It’s all EuroPhobia And I’m Offended

To All You Canadians
(and anyone else who considers themselves part of Western Civilization).

Are you sleeping? Dormez vous?

The IslamoPHILIA that’s going on in your country, and elsewhere in the West, is insanity incarnate. There should be a massive and unrelenting outcry against what Justin un-Trudeau is doing to your democracy, your freedom of speech and your freedom to complain—but worst of all to your children’s future. Deals are being made and the price is your (our) future as free nations.

Islam is an absolutist, predacious, misogynistic and democracy-hating ideology which will desist ONLY when YOU come around to its ways—by any means necessary. And for those reasons, among many others, such an ideology does not belong in the West. Moslems who are genuinely trying to escape from the insane asylum of Sharia-intoxicated, Sharia-run countries should be able to find a place in the West. How that is to be accomplished, how that sorting out is to occur, I have not the foggiest idea. And so far I’ve heard from very few of those genuine asylum-seekers. Why?—because the penalty for speaking out against Islam or The Profit, is death.

I object to Islamism and the absolutist, freedom-hating ideology that it is. And I am, are you ready?—


So here we go, and this response is long overdue from this until-now, silent other side of the: “I’m offended” screed. Do join in case something has been left out. Feel free to add your own. This is such a short list.

1. I’m offended by Moslems’ lack of respect for my culture. And, for good measure, I find them and their reactions to me to be racist. (Never leave out the charge of racist or racism.)
2. I’m offended by their brusqueness and lack of good and decent manners.
3. I’m offended by the way they think they can and should rape our women because their ideology tells them that our women are the spoils of war “taken with the right hand”. (Koran)
4. I’m offended, and culturally deeply offended, by Halal slaughter and the horrid cruelty which that inflicts on animals.
5. I’m offended by their insistence that we all change our workplace habits in order to accommodate Moslems’ need for prayer throughout the day. I wonder if this happens in their own countries?
6. I’m offended that Moslems are constantly offended and aggrieved over absolutely NOTHING, or worse, over invented “nothings”.
7. I’m offended by their childish temper tantrums and incessant attempts to manipulate us into giving them special treatment.
8. I’m offended by their covertly assaulting our elementary schools with Islamic proselytizing—cleverly disguised as “education”. It is nothing more than stealth jihad as commanded in their book.
9. I’m offended by their contempt for dogs and their insistence that I keep my dog away from any PUBLIC area where Moslems are gathered.
10. I’m offended by their utter unwillingness to condemn vile and depraved acts committed by their co-religionists ALL OF THE TIME, EVERYWHERE which are based entirely on Islamic doctrine and preaching.
11. I’m offended by their unhinged hatred of Jews because The Profit told them that’s the way it has to be.  Enough of the Jew-hatred and Gay-hatred thing. Give it up.
12. I’m offended by seeing the “Halal” label and certification, on candy and meat for example, because Moslems insist on it—even though their own religion says that it is acceptable to eat non-Halal, if Halal is not available.
13. I’m offended that a portion of the money which is paid by the producers in order to acquire a “Halal Certification” goes to terrorist organizations.
14. I’m offended by Female Genital MUTILATION. Well, that should be Number One.
15. I’m offended by even the very idea of something as vile as an “Honor Killing” of young girls for the slightest, even imagined infringement of Sharia Law.
16. I’m offended by Sharia Law inasmuch as it denies the validity of the constitutional law of my country and my culture. And that’s just for starters.
17. I’m offended by the literally countless YouTube videos of women being beaten, flogged, caned and stoned, in the town squares of Moslem countries while people look on and cheer, with cell phone cameras clicking away. They must love the screaming-in-agony part of that.
18. I’m offended that The Profit warns the faithful against feeling compassion as the same faithful are doing their duty smiting the infidels’ necks. Not only must the executioners not feel compassion, but they are to guard against it—and so it is written.
19. I’m offended by an ideology, cleverly disguised as a religion, that preaches AGAINST compassion.
20. I’m offended by an ideology which tells me that a woman’s testimony in court is worth HALF that of a man’s.
21. I’m offended by Moslem males who are the product of this ideology and who have been turned into spoiled princes, brats, and deranged narcissists.—and who remain undeveloped, emotionally unhinged, boy-children for their entire lives.
22. I’m offended by the utter lack of even a shred of rational thought or reasoned discourse with this group of people.
23. I’m offended by their hair-trigger tempers—“trigger” being the appropriate analogy.
24. I’m offended by their contempt shown towards countries which have generously opened their doors to them and have given them safe haven.
25. I’m offended by their lack of gratitude, and by the violence and chaos which they gleefully bring into every western country.
26. I’m offended by their insistence on making their religion as CONSPICUOUS as possible, by any means, and at any opportunity possible—like, for example, wanting to build a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City.
27. I’m offended that the so-called “moderate” Moslems who rarely, if ever, speak out against the atrocities committed in the name of their “religion”. And if they do speak out, it isn’t for long and it’s always tepid and semi-apologetic.
28. I’m offended by the degree to which they and their horrid and cruel ideology have infiltrated our universities resulting in a degree of on-campus Jew-hatred and assault which we have not seen in 70 years. That’s one Moslem contribution to western society, and I can do without it.
29. I’m offended by their incessant temper-tantrums, the sole purpose of which is to manipulate all of us into giving them what they want—WHEN THEY WANT IT—WAAAAH—like spoiled, obnoxious children, raised by overly permissive parents.
30. I’m offended most of all by the life-example of the Profit, which tells us that raping and tearing up of a nine year old girl is good and virtuous, and the way that Allah intends it to be.
31. I’m offended by having weak-kneed bosses who feel compelled or cowed into canceling our Office Christmas Parties because one Moslem on the staff says that he will be offended by it. (Then don’t attend.)
32. I’m offended when the “Moslem Heckler’s Veto” wins the day, as it always does, and the victory goes to those who are throwing the temper tantrum.

Oh, I could keep listing the “I’m offended bys” all day long—that’s how offended I am.

But because I AM OFFENDED, I deserve—no, I demand, an apology from CAIR and all those other front organizations for The Moslem Brotherhood. I demand an apology for their racist remarks and behavior, and their Euro-phobia. It’s horrible and it is a violation of my civil rights. This wave of  Europhobia must stop. 🙂

We need to pass legislation, through the United Nations of course, which condemns Europhobia for the racist ideology that it is. We need this legal protection and I’m sure that the Islamic-block-vote at the U.N. would jump at the opportunity to assure us of our most basic civil rights and protect us from these horrid hate crimes.

We are deeply aggrieved.

The End?

It should only be the beginning.

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