Islam Infiltrates The Public School System. Get Ready For Your Kids to be Converted to Islam While Learning Their A, B, C’s and I’s..

This illustration shows one aspect of covert Jihad known as Stealth Jihad or Civilization Jihad—all of which is commanded in The Koran.

It used to be that our schoolkids learned “Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic”.

Time for  a change. Now OUR KIDS, in our public elementary schools are learning and rehearsing how to be good Moslems. Sound far-fetched? It’s not and it’s already well-established in our middle schools. And guess who gets to pay for this planting-of-the-seeds for the future Islamization of America?

This is Saudi influence-pedaling, behind the scenes, at its most damaging. And it is treason at its most contemptuous. How does the saying go? It profits a man nothing to sell his soul and gain the whole world—yet some Americans in positions of power are happy to sell their souls to promote Islam and the undermining of American Democracy, all for Saudi rewards.

The long range implications of brainwashing our children to the glory of  Islam is only one example of STEALTH JIHAD. (click for details)

And here is another treatment of this important subject.

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