“Resist It While You Can”. Christopher Hitchens, Guest Speaker. He warned against Stealth Jihad seven years ago.

Commentary and right to the point:

Islam is a horrid ideology: cruel, depraved, debauched, uncouth, grotesque, devious and deceitful—even to its own adherents. Why do we feel that way? Why do we believe this? How can we say such horrible things about someone’s “religion”?

It should be evident to anyone who is paying attention—and who has taken the time to inform themselves about Islam’s most basic teachings, its historic patterns of dealing with infidels, and its practices in the world today—why we believe this. If you do that, and ask some simple questions like: Why are there no longer any Jews or so few Christians living in Moslem countries today—when once there were literally millions of them living throughout the entire Middle East?—then the following conclusions will be drawn and the dots do get connected to create a genocidal picture.

Islam is as Islam does—which is to say, just use your own eyes and see how Islam manifests in the world. It is always cruel, vicious, spoiled or psychiatric, or some lethal combination thereof. This is particularly true as it concerns girls as young as five, and all women. Listen to the preachings of Imams from all over the world, and from whom the utter contempt for women and license to inflict debauched brutality upon the female gender is enthusiastically, and even joyously, upheld and justified on the grounds of their Islamic holy writ—time and time again. These Islamic clerics render their judgments with glee and delight, and with a kind of self-congratulatory righteousness that is anathema to hard won Western ideas of human rights.

Dare we say that these uniquely Islamic values and commandments are offensive to us? Ah, “offensive”—that favorite word that we have heard ad nauseam from perpetually aggrieved Moslems—a word and a charge which needs to be called out for the childish, bratty nonsense that it is. And the complaint of “being offended” must be sent back to them with vigor and for this reason alone: WE ARE OFFENDED—BY THEM. And this is more than some jiujitsu trick, it is a response from the West which is long overdue. But that takes guts and it takes a mature adult to do so.

So, now it’s our turn:

We are aggrieved by Islam. We are offended by how it responds to an open door and warm hospitality with brutishness, rage, violence, rape and an insistence that we in the West change our civilization, our ways, and embrace Islam and Sharia Law. We are offended by the teachings of Islam and more so by the actions of its faithful. We are offended by apologists who will quote those sections of the Koran which, through the Islamic Doctrine of Abrogation, have been rendered null and void. And these apologists know about that as they misuse those quotes.

To put it in other words, and more simply: almost any passage in the Koran that seems nice or tolerant, comes from the earlier writings of Mohammed, and those passages have been rendered null and void by the Islamic doctrine known as Abrogation. This deception of quoting from those earlier writings is deployed to manipulate the infantile, deeply-held, and demonstrably false belief in the West that all religions are good. They are not. So let’s put that argument to rest. Permanently. And anyone deploying these earlier quotes in defense of Islam betrays a sure sign of either their ignorance or deceitful intent.

You will not hear a dissenting voice from any Moslem, at least not a voice of any real passion or consistency. Why?—partly because the Sharia penalty for criticizing Islam, no matter how gently, or in what form, is death. You will not, for example, hear one Moslem anywhere who will stand up and clearly condemn female genital mutilation, or the throwing of acid in a woman’s face. Neither will they condemn, or find offensive, the right of any Islamic cleric (or any Moslem male for that matter) to decide when a woman has violated holy Islamic law. And of course, all courts are Sharia-based, which means it is the local cleric who gets to decide how she should be punished, and where her testimony is worth half that of a man’s.

And they do love to mete out punishment, especially to women. YouTube is filled with videos of townspeople by the hundreds in Moslem countries gathering joyously, with cell phones in hand, to witness and record the stoning, or beating, or caning, or whipping of a woman. They not only see nothing wrong with that; they find it great fun and entertainment.

So, “offended” isn’t really a strong enough word to describe our reaction to that. Or how about the recent report where four dogs were locked in a deserted car and the whole thing set on fire. Very Islamic. Dogs and Jews “enjoy” equal status in Islam. How about that bit of depravity?— in case the abuse of women isn’t grounds enough for the reader to become infuriated not only by this “religion”—but by ANYONE who insistently describes it as a “religion of peace”. (Enter Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Justin Trudeau, and worst of all, feminists.)

We are offended by this so-called religion. And we have a humanitarian, moral and ethical obligation to not only speak out against it, but perhaps more importantly, to consistently ASSERT OUR RIGHT TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT. We must be vigilant against, and alert to, any new laws intended to prohibit our free speech, especially when such laws are cloaked as an “anti-Islamophobia” resolution. These are nothing less than laws which seek to: a) kill free speech, and b) implement Sharia Law which does in fact criminalize any speech which is critical of the Prophet or Islam. That’s what anti-Islamophobia laws are. And the final goal is the complete undermining and eventual conquest of all western democracies, to be replaced by Islam. And that is well underway—thanks largely to the utter insanity and hyper-idealism of Liberals both in this country and around the world. This discussion is a taboo subject for them.

The more we immerse ourselves in Islamic holy writ (Koran, Hadith, Sunnah) the more disgusted we become. If we wanted to imagine an ideology that perfectly contradicted EVERYTHING that we believe in, Islam would fit the bill perfectly. If we wanted to find an example of a life lived, that was as sociopathic and vile and horrid and debauched as we could ever find anywhere, then the life of the Mohammed would fit that bill perfectly as well. One need go no further than learn about his relationships with the female gender. He demands his right to rape nine year olds. He demands that right for his followers as well. It’s what is occurring in Sweden and Britain today, in epidemic proportions, as a result of a Moslem invasion of “refugees”. And Moslems today will, in fits of psychiatric discombobulation and rage, scream that a nine year old girl is an adult female and is ready to be sexually assaulted if a Moslem male desires her.

You can’t make this stuff up. And the reason you cannot make it up is because this so-called religion of Islam (submission), is really a complete life-encompassing, 1400 year old ideology. And it is the total opposite of ALL of the very hard-won Western ideals of logic, rational thought, democracy, reasoned discourse, deductive thought, hard questioning and scientific investigation—and that’s the short list. And that’s only on the intellectual side of it. The notions of “fairness” and “decency” as understood in the West, as being applicable to ALL people everywhere, is nowhere to be found in ABROGATED Islam (which is the official Islam).

So when you hear the quote from the Koran about “no compulsion in religion” and other quotes like it, you know you are being duped, because those ideas come from the earlier writings and have been officially ruled null and void, and every Koran-literate Moslem KNOWS THAT FULL WELL. So when you hear it being deployed by a Moslem, you can be certain that stealth and manipulation are his goals. When you hear it from Western clerics or politicians, the same manipulative intent may be at work, or else just plain ignorance. Please note the construction of that last word because it matters: Ignore-ance. These are Westerners who choose to ignore facts about Islam which are right there in front of their faces. This is nothing less than willful ignorance in order to protect some deep, dare we say religious?—sense of self-identification as being one of the “good”, the “tolerant”, the “all-embracing”, or “multi-cultural”. In fact, it is nothing of the kind. It is only childish self-delusion at its worst and most dangerous.

We should also add that there is a lot of money to be made by organizations such as Lutheran Family Services and Catholic Charities to name only two….tens of millions of dollars to be paid out by you, the taxpayer, to these groups to act as agents and caregivers for the Moslem refugees being brought into this country. And don’t think that this is something in the works, or has not yet occurred; IT HAS occurred. Is occurring. A lot of money, a huge amount of our tax payers’ money has already found its way into the coffers of these religious organizations. So when you see a church with a big banner out front which proudly proclaims, “We Stand With Our Moslem Brethren”, you can be sure they’re making money on the deal. And you can take that to the bank.

In closing. Odd that we do not see an international “Islamic Peace Movement”, nor will we. The mere mention of such an idea elicits smiles and laughter. Ask yourself—Why?

Resist it while you can.

Resistance is NOT futile—it is self-defense against a lethal, stealthy, and very well Gulf-States-funded, threat to our civilization.


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