“The Coward Of The Day” Award Goes to: Bill O’Reilly on The Factor, Fox News

I just watched and listened to Juan Williams, Bill O’Reilly and another contributor, whose name escapes me at the moment, talking about the Twin Falls, Idaho rape case which involved a 5 year old girl who was raped by Moslem immigrants. The boys, three of them no less, who raped that 5 year old, were in fact only following the model set forth by their Prophet Mohammed, who took his first wife when she was also 5 years old. This is considered exemplary behavior in that culture.

I never thought I would live to see the day when O’Reilly was so intimidated, so fearful as were his guests, to name the elephant in the room! They ALL pussy-footed around the REAL issue with such hyper-pc-ness, that it was utterly appalling to watch. Three adults, terrified to speak truth to power and name, give name to, the real cause behind the rape case, and thousands, literally thousands of others across Europe.

The real issue, and the name which they dared not speak, is ISLAM—and both its laws and the model of the Prophet Mohammed, as just mentioned, which Moslems worldwide hold up as the highest aspiration for manly behavior. And what are we talking about? We are talking about the right of a Moslem man to have any woman that has been “taken with his right hand”, as codified in The Koran. In other words, any woman taken in war or by conquest, is to be given or taken as a Moslem man’s reward, as his sex slave. And so it is written. No, you cannot make this up.

And Juan Williams provided the ultimate propaganda coda to the entire, no-information, zero-content discussion about this child rape, by saying that he didn’t know of any group which condoned such behavior. Mr. Williams is either lying, protecting Islam for some unknown reason, or is staggeringly ignorant with regard to Islamic teaching and doctrine on this exact subject. There is total clarity in Islam regarding sex with girls that age, and raping them as well. Rape is allowed, rape is praised in exactly these circumstances because it follows the Prophet’s model.

Shame on the three of you for not calling this for what it is, and for giving this ideology a complete pass, which it, and we the public, do not deserve. We deserve to have an honest and forthright—and yes it will be difficult—discussion about ISLAM…..what it preaches, what is written in The Koran and other sources, and how those doctrines and beliefs do in fact manifest in the world. And manifest they do. Talk to the people in Rotherham, England about systemic Moslem rape of European children—because the English children in the Moslem worldview have been taken with their right hand. We must talk about his and not side step it. Revolting segment on The Factor tonight.

I have never seen three professional journalists so fearful, so pussy-footing around an issue. What is going on? Why the cover up? Why such a misleading discussion?

The amount of respect which I lost for the three of these “professional journalists” tonight, is irretrievable.

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