Arguments in Favor of Genocide. Lighten Up a Bit. It’s a Good Thing.

Here we have an Oswego, N.Y. school district teacher who gives students an assignment in which they MUST argue in favor of genocide—specifically Jewish genocide. They didn’t get to choose their Genocide. It had to be Jews. The reasoning behind this? It will teach students how to argue for something that they may be against. It will be a good mental exercise. It will expand them.

Are you buying it yet? Let’s continue down the Lane of Psychiatric Aberrations.

This is yet another example of modern day Liberals’ steamy love-affair with Jew-hatred, cleverly disguised as virtue. So, how ’bout this one: I’d like to argue in favor of the extermination of this teacher and his entire family tree wherever they may be found. Of course that too would OK in the context of learning how to argue from all sides, correct? Oh, for some reason that would not fall under the category of “OK”. Hmm. I’m confused.

Or, how about this one?— I want to argue in favor of Assad’s recent nerve gas attack in Syria (which Trump wisely slammered. ) It would teach me the same lesson and because it’s so recent, I’d learn much more, right? I’m sure that in Liberal circles that would be just as valid, because, after all, I’d be learning how to expand my mindset and think outside of my “comfort zone”— and at the same time I’d be learning something about how genocidal maniacs think. There’s a good exercise in the allocation of mental energies? Right? You can be sure that Liberals everywhere would be in a paroxysm of nation-wide-take-to-the-streets protest if any of the above had been the assignment.

But I’m not done quite yet.

OK, kiddies in the Oswego classroom, here’s another assignment we’d like to offer as an alternative: Argue in favor of the complete and total evisceration, demise and destruction of Liberalism and the Democrat Party. Don’t let the fear of advocating murder stand in your way. Give examples of how this might be accomplished no matter what the cost in terms of human life. Do be as graphic, vile and imaginative as you can possibly find it within your soul to be. If you want an “A” in the assignment no level of depravity will be considered too low.

This could be the sickest and most transparent example of Jew-hatred and brainwashing of our students that we’ve seen in a while. It’s just the beginning—and it’s much deeper than it appears to be. Because vast amounts of Saudi money have been spread around covertly, in our educational systems for 15 years or more, you can expect to see and hear MUCH more of this. It is trickling down and that’s by design. There is no accident surrounding this event in Oswego. It’s not just some teacher “going rogue”, but rather, it will become THE VOGUE. You can wait for that.

It is all part of the Saudi and Islamist agenda to destroy Western Civilization through Stealth Jihad and eventually establish The Caliphate (Moslem dictatorship). In their not-at-all-holy-book, The Koran, Jews are officially Enemy Number One—and have been since the inception of this vile and debauched ideology well over a thousand years ago. And with willing dhimmi-dummies like this teacher, the day of Islamic rule in America is only hastened.

I hate to break it to everyone, including the biggest Jew-haters out there. It won’t just be the Jews whose necks will come under the scimitar if Islam rules, it will be everyone who does not bend to the will of Allah. Period. And,


Article in favor of exterminating the Jews (click here)

And more discussions (click here)

This illustration shows one aspect of covert Jihad known as Stealth Jihad or Civilization Jihad—all of which is commanded in The Koran.

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