Biggest Fools Of The Day Award: Some Harvard Grads Can’t Think Their Way Out Of A Paper Bag.

Harvard in Retrograde. (Click here for the article)

Here we see the result of 15 years of Saudi-funded, Departments of Middle Eastern Stupefaction*  which are now well established, and busy with civilization jihad  in literally hundreds of our universities across this country.  ( *I mean “Studies”)

Here you see the Dhimmi harvest, that now finally, Praise Allah, is ripe for the picking. Here you see the results of the lowering of academic standards which started in the late 60’s. And what does the harvest look like? Poison fruit, genetically manipulated. It looks like what we are seeing—an appalling lack of intellectual curiosity and commitment to even the most basic research and investigation.

It results in an appalling deficit in human intelligence, and critical thinking  which, when combined with perpetual adolescence, lead straight to the conclusions that:

Jews and Israel =
Bad, Aggressors, Racists, Enforcers of Apartheid, Uniquely Bebased, And Must Be Called Out

And its counterpart that:

Palestinians and Moslems Everywhere =
Good, Innocent, Maligned and Horribly Persecuted by Jews, Must Be Coddled and Protected by Strong Minds in The West at All Costs.

That’s brainwashing and it’s sick and self-loathing beyond reckoning.

The proof? 

It’s called Projection (link): Accusing the other one of what you’re doing. Islam is the winner, and still champion, of this and has been since its inception. But the fools at Harvard are too childish to have bothered with that historical fact.

Anyone with even a lick of understanding of the history and the doctrines of Islam would know that wherever Islam goes and wherever Islam predominates, so follows apartheid. And not just apartheid. That’s insufficient for Islam. No, what follows is nothing less than violent enforcement of an Islamic religious dictate—one of servitude, abuse and proscribed humiliation of all non-Moslems.  This occurs wherever there is, or has been, a Moslem majority. Any idiot who has spent more than one hour doing a tiny bit of homework would know that—and they would not need to dig deeply to find it.

And, Anyone with even a lick of understanding of the history and the doctrines of Islam would know that Jews are to be sought out and destroyed because Mohammed commanded it. Anyone with even a lick of understanding of the history and the doctrines of Islam would know that this has been brutally manifested for the last 1400 years.

It would seem—and I know this is a big intellectual leap for some grad students at Harvard and Liberals in general—so hang on tightly, and put on your thinking-caps boys and girls because here’s the big revelation—It would seem that the State of Israel was not in existence 1400 years ago. Did that wear you out? Well, then honey, you go take nap and it will be OK. And be sure to take your Sharia, Jew-hating coloring book with you.


Please (finally) start being stewards of your children’s education. In other words, start being adults yourselves if you would like to see that in your old children. Pay attention to what they are being taught. And if what they are being taught is hate, in particular, self-hate, then don’t pay.

This illustration shows one aspect of covert Jihad known as Stealth Jihad or Civilization Jihad—all of which is commanded in The Koran.

PS  Forget about the myth of the golden age in Spain where Moslems, Jews and Christians lived in harmony. It was nothing of the kind. Again, do your homework and understand the Moslem doctrine of Dhimmitude.


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