European Liberals: Same Old Bunch of Cleverly Disguised Jew-Haters. Except Now They Call Themselves Humanitarians.

(Commentary on Link below)

Of course. ALL of this obvious and persistent European Liberal love affair with Islam, especially in Germany, is—if you barely scratch the surface—nothing more than a cleverly disguised age-old hatred of Jews. An age-old hatred which has worked its way into the very DNA of Europe.

Any idiot would know that if you imported large numbers of Moslems—who have been trying to annihilate Jews for centuries before there was ever a state of Israel—that Jews were going to be persecuted and attacked by Moslems as instructed in their mosques—and so it is. No surprises there. Mohammed made it clear that a mosque was to be a base for conducting war/Jihad, even more so than it was to function as a place of worship. Read it for yourselves. It’s all there in Islamic holy writ and commentary, and that is zero exaggeration.

So, Germany’s old hatred of Jews didn’t go anywhere after WWII, it just found a new, self-righteous safe haven in its advocacy for these poor, sad, so-in-need-of-aid, “refugees” who are nothing of the kind in the vast majority of cases. But, much to the delight of Europeans, the refugees are the perfect “solution” for Jew-Be-Gone—as if Germany didn’t know that. But this time it is you who will be gone.

Ditto France.,

Ditto Europe.

Goddamned anti-Semites—all hiding behind their phony ideology of humanitarianism. Pardon an uncouth expression; but what a load of bullshit. Europe should hang its head in shame for inflicting this on their few remaining Jewish CITIZENS, while congratulating themselves for being so righteous. But it’s nothing more than a kind of inbred Turret’s-like, Jew-hating reaction—they just can’t help themselves. Angela Merkel can barely acknowledge a young Jewish boy (fool) who steps up to shake her hand, but will giddily fall all over herself to have “selfies” taken with dozens of Moslem punks.

Next time any Liberal, and particularly any European Liberal, has the audacity to call me Islamophobic, I’m going to “speak truth to stupidity”, and name them for what they truly are under that cloak of virtue which they so proudly display:

European Liberals = a bunch of closeted Anti-Semites. Still. You are a sham, and you have learned nothing from your World War II experience, which means you will be condemned to repeat it, or something like it—but this time you won’t have any Jews left to blame; although I’m sure that won’t stop you.

The End.

And the Moslem kids who are quoted in this article as saying that their Jew-hatred comes from the problems “caused” by Israel in the Middle East, are simply hiding behind a nasty, vile truth—the proverbial elephant in the room—which is: Jew hatred among Moslems is part and parcel of their written and spoken religion. And it has been for 1400 years, as commanded by Mohammed—whose feelings were terribly hurt back in the six hundreds, because the Jews chose to stick with their own traditions and rejected his “ministry”. Now that’s the real reason why these kids hate Jews. So let’s retire the Middle East, as-the-cause-of-Moslem-Jew-hatred, argument. Even ISIS, in their Manifesto, “Why We Hate You”, said as much—that they hate Jews and are committed to killing them because The Koran dictates this.

This blog is a no-bullshit Zone.

Muslim students bully, brutalize Jewish students in Berlin (Click on Link Here)


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