Oh Brave and Wise Women in the Women’s Movement, Where Are You While This is Going On?


Oh brave and wise women in The Women’s Movement—who are being led around by the nose by Linda Sarsour and her ilk—who think that Sharia Law is wonderful, and who advocate for it, and who attempt to brainwash you into thinking it’s great, every chance they get—where are you? Sharia Law renders the kind of punishment you see in this video, and that’s just the beginning of it.

Oh brave and wise women, why are you NOT champions for these tens of millions of Moslem women and GIRLS worldwide, who are enslaved, abused, beaten, mutilated and disfigured by Islam and Moslem MEN, all under the banner and approval of Sharia?

You want some men to hate and deride? Start there, because THOSE Moslem man-children are the ones who need, and deserve, it most. White men are a Boy Scout picnic compared to them, and some part of you MUST know that. Your cowardice, cleverly disguised as deep outrage, is breathtaking and glaring.

Where is your outrage over this worldwide, woman-hating plague and blight known as Sharia Law? Your silence is deafening and you are demeaned by your silence. But you’re far too busy being hysterical, infantile and unhinged to even perceive that injury to yourselves. And yes, “hysterical” is the correct word in your cases. It is after all what you like to wear on your heads. I’m sure you’re bright enough to know the root word and meaning of “hysterical”. Then again, maybe I assume too much.

Your minds and hearts have been stolen from you. Rationality is no where to be found in “The Movement”—or at least there is precious little of it. All that remains in most of you is childish pique and fury over NOTHING—that’s right, NOTHING—in comparison to the worldwide enslavement of Moslem women. And yet, you remain silent about the abuses which they must suffer, and have been suffering, under Islamic Sharia.

It’s time to question the hot and steamy love affair which you all seem to be having with Islam. He is a most unworthy lover because he loves nothing but himself and is hateful of all things female.

And no, this video does not portray some rare exception. Retire that argument. This is literally the order of the day when “living” under Islamic Sharia Law. And, just as you’ll see, the crowds gather round to watch and cheer—that’s no exception either. And yet that’s your “lover” in action. This is what he does, this is how he treats women. It’s how he behaves while you, pampered women of the west, are looking the other way—while you’re looking the other way—becoming terribly distraught because some writer used the word “mankind” instead of “humankind”. Children have no sense of proportion and you and your movement personify it.

And just for your edification, you cannot have Sharia Law and constitutional law, with all the rights which that guarantees, coexisting. It’s one or the other and Sharia and Islam make that VERY CLEAR. Sharia Law means LAW OF THE LAND. It means the complete overthrow of Constitutional Law and the installment of Sharia Law in its place. Period. And, when living under the dictates of Sharia, there is no other recourse from its verdict. Some dim-witted cleric will decide how and when, and to what extreme, you are to be punished, and as always, women first. So, as Linda, whose deception knows no bounds, once tweeted: Bet you’d like that huh?

 So, how about you finally get your collective shit together and overthrow these woman-hating leaders who you currently adore and worship. Watching you and listening to you is like witnessing a mass-hysterical-example of Stockholm Syndrome.

In addition to turning you into adults, it would free your minds and hearts and souls if you started addressing horrific abuses like this:

I prescribe a year’s sabbatical in Saudi Arabia so you can finally get some relief from the burdens and oppression of life in America.

The End.

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