Kids in The Crosshairs

The Gulf State oil-rich-nations have been using their wealth and influence for several decades not JUST to fund terrorism, but to plan and fund covert activities whose goal is to facilitate the spread of Islam in the West, and shut down free speech completely. Free speech is the natural enemy of Islam. Remember that if you are ever tempted to support an Anti-Islamophobia Law or resolution.

The application of these activities range from: “in your face”—to something which is absolutely nothing less than a psychological attack, and a very carefully, professionally planned and executed, operation.

Here’s an example of the “in-your-face strategy” type of Islamic brainwashing:

A Moslem university professor, in this country, files a formal university protest against a student in her class who questions a claim made in Islamic doctrine. The class in question was called Islamic Humanitarian Studies, or something close to that. The title of the class alone is good for laughs and gives new definition to the word oxymoron, but it certainly should be a very good title for stimulating some serious intellectual questioning and discourse. That, however, is NOT allowed in our universities anymore—with full administrative approval and enforcement by the way. Islam is not to be questioned. Period. In such a brainwashing circumstance, this same professor will use, and did use, her authority and position as a faculty member to charge that she felt threatened by such questioning from a student!! It doesn’t matter whether the student was polite or not. In ANY matter concerning the questioning or critiquing of Islam, these covert operators—far too many of the so-called moderate Moslems—are unified in their quest and actions to: a) shut down free speech, and b) bring Islam to America and the Western World. Period. And that really is the end of discussion.

An unusually intellectually honest and aware Moslem man recently posted confirmation of this on Facebook via a “selfie-video”—He said that in the overall plan to Islamize the world, terrorism is really only a distraction for the Western Mind to occupy itself with—a bright shiny object for us to become hypnotically obsessed with while ignoring what’s going on everyday right under our collective noses. He goes on to say that the main effort of Islamization, and the main work toward that goal, is being done by literally millions of the so-called “moderate” Moslems. These people, he goes on to say, are the ones carrying out the really influential and destructive work of infiltrating Western culture, institutions and governments—and slowly bit by bit, piece by piece, nibbling away at its most basic tenets until it, the West, becomes wholly dysfunctional as a free society—and wholly Islam. It’s all deliberate. And it’s all mindful. There are no accidents, and it is well-funded by Gulf States.

And if any reader doubts that, just for starters, read any book by Ayan Hirsi Ali, or better yet, read “Stealth Invasion” by Leo Hohman. (Click on this link)

Here’s an example of the Subtle Variety of Islamization and Agenda:
(Very subtle indeed.)
I was watching a National Geographic documentary on TV last night. The name of the series is called “Origins”. This particular episode dealt with mankind’s relationship with the denizens of the microscope world, in particular with disease inducing organisms and plague. It was an interesting episode, as one would expect from a Nat Geo production—lavishly illustrated with computer-generated models, and easy to follow and understand. It is clearly designed for family viewing. Nice. Seductive.

And of course the best example of plague, The Black Death, was presented, including the causes for it. The narrator tells us that people of the time in which the plague occurred, attributed this pestilence to: sick animals, bad air, and “foreigners”.


That’s it?

No one else?

Yes, that’s it.


What an interesting and deliberate omission is taking place here. And in ALL of the hundreds of discussions and historical presentations concerning the Black Death, this is the first time I have been stunned by what is nothing less than an obvious re-write by omission .

Conspicuous by its absence in this Nat Geo segment dealing with the causation of The Black Death, is any mention of the word JEW. The omission of not only informing the audience that Jews were routinely accused as the cause and agents of The Black Death—but by instead reporting that it was “foreigners” who were the accused, is very subtle brainwashing and historical revisionism. By using the word “foreigners”, instead of the historically correct, “Jews”, the writers might just as well have been forthright about it and used the word “refugees”. The segment goes by quickly, but don’t think for one minute that the covert message of “poor, falsely accused foreigners” does not register with the unconscious mind—because it does. And by design, Jews are knocked out of their rightful place as victims in the narrative and history of the Black Death (or Bubonic Plague as it is also known.) This word-switch is not by accident. It is only part and parcel of a systemic Islamization-brainwashing-operation which is taking place right now and is aimed at YOU and your culture and your school-age children. And the subterfuge grows stronger with each passing day.

(In case you didn’t know, according to Islamic doctrine, Jews are to be hated and destroyed for their refusal to accept the Islamic faith.)

So, score one for eliminating any sense of compassion for The Jews who were the true victims of the Black Death libel and ensuing persecution. And score one brainwashing—for shifting that legitimate compassion over to “foreigners” —a word which is easily conflated with the word “refugees”. This is by design.

Any historian, and any seventh grade world history student can tell you the story of how Jewish people all over Europe suffered for being blamed with the Black Death. Therefore, seventh grade students and younger, need to be targeted and their factual understanding of history needs to be revised in order to service the goals of Islamization. And that’s exactly what is happening to our kids…

Stealth Jihad, is real.

Stealth Jihad is primary.

And Stealth Jihad is now being aimed at our Middle School age children in particular. Brigitte Gabriel will be happy to tell you all about that and how Islamic-brainwashing of our young children is to proceed, and IS PROCEEDING right now, hiding in plain sight. (Click on this link)

Back to National Geographic as being one target of Stealth Jihad:

Then I discovered another little piece, also produced by Nat Geo, called “1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets”. This is yet another one of their lavishly produced videos, staring Ben Kingsley, and is produced primarily for British consumption. The entire 15 minute piece is nothing more than an appalling propaganda ploy which attempts to convince British children of Islam’s ENORMOUS contributions to the world of science—which is not even a half-truth. In this production, we see lovely little British children, with their charming accents, being lured into a near giddy state of admiration for the accomplishments of Islam—and, by extension, how much they (the Christian West) owe to Islamic genius and innovation. The sense of indebtedness by the West to Islam, which this piece evokes is lock-jaw-sweet and nauseating. Every bit of computer-generated “eye candy” and imagination is employed to hook these kids. The main thesis of “1001” is  that the stupid and clearly inferior Western World could never have figured out anything if it weren’t for the magnificent contributions of Islam which came long before.

It’s propaganda and historical revisionism at its worst; and Ben Kingsley should be ashamed of himself for not having done HIS OWN homework instead of allowing his Liberal ideology to lead him by the nose towards buying into the revisionist script which was handed to him. By who? David Wood gives a piece by piece dissection of “1001” in this video. (Click on this link)


Addendum: Culture War and Stealth Jihad invades bastions of American fashion industry. (Click here)

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