Guest Speaker: Barrack Obama

This is a compilation of Obama’s words regarding Islam. Everything he says, and has said, about Islam is easily proven to be devoid of historical accuracy at its best, and at its worst is a staggering almost-treasonous propaganda ploy directed at the American people, that twists the truth about Islam almost beyond recognition.

We were all brainwashed with his completely ultra-sanitized depiction of what Islam really believes and teaches. Why? We were all lulled into complacency and inattentiveness by the repetitive nature of his assertions that Islam is a religion of peace. Why did he do that? This man made we the American people, his psychiatric-sounding-board as he pursued and helped establish in this country, the dreams of his Moslem father. He succeeded.

We are already paying the price for this deceit, particularly in our middle schools and universities where Moslem indoctrination, proselytizing and a cultural-softening-up, cleverly disguised as an important “educational experience”, is gaining speed and acceptance across the country. And yet, there are no such equivalent “educational experiences” with regard to ANY OTHER religion in any of these classrooms. Why are parents accepting this? Do parents even know what is being taught to their middle-school aged children, not to mention what’s being drilled into their sons and daughters at our universities???

And it doesn’t stop there. Nor will it.

Thanks for nothing, Barrack. Thanks for getting that nasty ball of Koran-based, hate-filled, violence-filled-doctrine rolling along here in the USA. And rolling along it is, to our long-lasting detriment, thanks in large part to this man + 8 years.

Obama, whose side were, are you on?

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