Verse of The Day: Koran 47:4 (If this doesn’t make you sick, nothing will)

Koran 47:2

“Therefore when you meet the unbelievers, strike off their heads…”

Please don’t tell us how the Old Testament has nasty and bloodthirsty passages in it. It does. Of course. But once again, Tinkerbell is here to help out you kiddies who think that. Here to help with the concept of: “One of these things is not like the other”.

Ready? Put on your thinking caps. Here we go now.

Here are 2 basic, not-like-the-other, differences:

1. You do not see Christians or Jews taking those Biblical passages as a modern day commandment to go forth and follow them literally.  Islam is the only “religion” which does that. So there’s one way that “one of these things is not like the other.” That’s called empirical, or, “Duh”.

2. In the Western World, our SECULAR and constitutional laws are the law of the land, NOT Biblical law. We separate our religious beliefs from our daily comportment as far as laws are concerned. Moreover, we value that. Islam does not. In the West, secular, constitutional law supersedes antiquated and dangerous religious laws—religious laws which were invented by crazed warlords like Mohammed, and which were created to control a very primitive, crude and violent form of tribalism which existed then. (Correction, this still exists in the Middle East today. And that which we call Radical Islam, they not only call that NORMAL behavior, but righteous, god-approved behavior.)

Those are huge differences. In short, the western definition of “religion” is NOTHING like the Islamic definition. In Islam, religion IS the law. It is the judge and jury. It is the decider of everything that effects your life and you have ZERO say if you don’t like it.

As a matter of FACT, if you disagree with Islam, which is the same as Sharia, and you disagree in an inappropriate manner, you will be horrifically and cruelly punished for it.

Just scan the internet to see how women are publicly flogged and caned for the tiniest infraction. So once again, boys and girls:

A note from Tinkerbell:

Give up on Make-Believe-Land and start seeing Islamism for what it is—an enormous threat to everything, every idea, that you, as a product of Western Civilization, hold dear. And don’t play childish games with yourself about it.
There is way too much at stake, and you could be next (pun intended).

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