Moslem Demographics 101. Sleepwalking Liberals: Whose Side Are You On?

If you value your civilization, that is, Western Civilization, then maybe give a listen to the link at the bottom of this page.

By the numbers, with things going the way they are, the West as a culture, will blink out of existence within a couple of decades, having been eradicated and out-fornicated, by a rabid and merciless ideology known as Islam. And we will all live to see the day when Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is razed to the ground, and a Mega-mosque built is on top of the ruins because that is the way, and the track record of Islam throughout the ages.

Sound crazy? It’s not.

You’ll live to see the day when Buckingham Palace is razed to the ground and replaced with a Mega-mosque, built atop its ruins.

Sound crazy? It’s not.

Civilizations, even super-powers like Rome and Ancient Greece, have come and gone. We, the Western World, were the inheritors of that, and now, we’ll be gone too, within a generation possibly, unless there is a widespread AWAKENING that takes place.

Islam must be stopped. Say it.

You won’t die if you do say it, but you and your progeny might, if you do not acknowledge reality and acknowledge it soon.

It’s very hard to get people on board with this because of Liberal opposition to REALITY—that is, Liberals’ childish resistance to accepting facts, only because they are unpleasant facts and do not conform with the way that Liberals would like the world to be. Any ideology taken to an extreme becomes destructive. Sadly, Liberalism is becoming the destroyer of Western Civilization—with European leaders first in line for accomplishing that, and hastening the day.

Multiculturalism and Liberalism have been carried to absurd limits. And this video crunches the numbers to show what will be the result. And that video was produced in 2008. A lot has changed since then which only confirms the ideas and warning put forth in the video. If current birth trends continue, our children and grandchildren will curse us as they struggle under the yoke, fury and bondage of Islam, which is not and has never been, a religion of peace—but is in fact quite the opposite.

There are differing estimates as to the Moslem population in the USA. Pew Research puts it at less than 4 million, others higher. If Moslems didn’t fill out their census forms, then we have no accurate way of knowing exactly how many are here, and in that case who knows?—maybe it is as high as nine million. No wonder that Anti-Semitism is on the rise here. And don’t look for it to slow down. Whoever thought we’d see the day when Jewish kids would be attacked and harassed on our college campuses? And no, you can’t blame all of it on Neo-Nazis. The greater part of that equation, as it is in Europe, is Moslem Anti-Semitism. The situation for them WILL get worse wherever there is an increase in the Moslem population. So, Jews better start thinking about establishing a stronghold in Antarctica because everywhere else will become toxic, lethally so.

Listen and weep. And if you’re a Liberal, wake up, and most of all, grow up.


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