Guest Speaker: Faith Goldy, Anti-Islamophobia Law passed in Canada. Say Goodbye to Freedom of Speech in Canada.

In this video we learn about Resolution M103, the Canadian anti-Islamophobia law proposed by a Moslem law maker there, and just recently passed. Islamophobia, by the way, is never defined in the resolution. And that’s by design. This way, a Moslem individual or group need only make the charge and the race is on….and the defendant will find himself or herself, in court, and having to spend a lot of money to do defend themselves against a blasphemy law. Some politicians are making a lot of money with this one, somehow, someway, under the table, of course. And you don’t have to be bright to figure out who, or which country, might be behind it.

Eventually, after enough of these cases have been brought to court, Canadians will get the drift that their pockets are simply not deep enough to allow them to say anything about Islam at all—a “religion” which desperately needs to be discussed, and, frankly, roundly criticized, in the open. We also learn that a law just like it had already been passed in Ontario. There your crime would be for expressing any nasty intent towards Islam.

Congratulations Canada. You are well on the way to becoming North America’s first Islamic country. You have just passed a resolution based on Sharia which is Islamic religious law. Islamic law makes it very clear that ANY negative comments or critiques of any kind which involve Mohammed, or Islam, can, and will be prosecuted and punished by death generally. But that’s a ways down road in Canada. But if Islam has its way, that will happen someday.

A resolution like 103 is the first step which Islam needs in order to begin a take over of the political system and shut down dissent among other rights. If the folly and horrors of this religion cannot be exposed to sunlight, then people will be in the dark regarding the full, grotesque horrors of Islam and it will own Canada one day.

Something has gone seriously wrong with the western psyche. And Goldy is correct in saying that this is a “crazy time to be alive”. We’re saying the same thing.

Islam seeks to destroy Western Civilization. It sees itself as the cure for everything that is wrong here. I guess there are no mirrors anywhere in the Islamic world.

Faith Goldy speaks out. Have a listen.

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