Guest Speaker: Ben Shapiro, and The Myth of The Tiny Radical Moslem Minority

It is very un-politically correct to even broach this subject, or to even entertain it as a possibility among Liberals and most people on the Left. But once again, since we are saying goodbye to Tinkerbell and to the Lands of MAKE BELIEVE, here’s a reality check for all you kiddies out there. And if you’ll take the time and the energy to listen to Moslem clerics from all over the planet, they will tell you, with great pride, that there is no “Radical Islam”, there is only “Islam”. But, Liberals the world over seem to know better than the source itself does.  Liberals know what these Imams really intend, even though the Imams are preaching the exact opposite, day in and day out. It’s time for Liberals to leave the Land of Make Believe and for a change, to entertain some facts, in this case from Pew Research.

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