Rape in Oslo & Moslem Immigrants, 100%

Rape in Oslo Article

Boys and girls, its time for a little reality check :

Let’s respond intelligently and factually to the above link. How about we try that one for a change? Let’s keep ideology and fairy tales out of it. It will be tough, but I hope we’re all up to the task.

Regarding the deranged and dissociated excuses (made by our officials) for the barbaric and brutish behavior of way too many immigrant Moslems—Hear this: bad behavior needs to be critiqued, called out, and stopped. Failure to do so, as with a child throwing a temper-tantrum, will only engender MORE of the same behavior.

Commentary on the link:

“No”, they, the Sharia-crazed Moslem bullies (for whom the West has so graciously granted safe haven) are not the traumatized ones, WE ARE. So nice try with that. And “No” once again, they are not mentally ill either. So nice second try with that one. And yet again, another “No”, they are not homesick, or sad, or confused because Jupiter doesn’t align with Mars or any other ridiculous “motive” that is offered. So, as we say in the USA, that’s three strikes and you’re OUT (baseball).
They act this way—you ideologically-blinded-brainwashed, sleep-walkers, because THAT IS THE RELIGION of Islam.

Period. End of discussion. End of looking for a motive. You already know it and it’s right in front of your faces.

Dear Officials in Europe and Everywhere else in the West,

You’re wearing me out with this game of Make Believe that you insist on playing—and putting all of Western Civilization at risk in the process. Lie number one, needs to be corrected as follows: Islam is not a religion of peace. Stop saying it, and start acting like adults and start dealing with the very unpleasant reality of the nature of Islam.

News Flash: Everything that faithful Moslems do, every bit of brutish and grotesque behavior which far too many exhibit, and which the others condone with their silence or apologies—every ghastly crime they commit against our citizenry, ESPECIALLY against women—ALL of it is according to the Prophet’s commandment and example. Conquered women are to be taken as sex slaves or  raped as the conqueror wishes it. These are the teachings, preaching and examples found within the religion of Islam. That’s a fact.

You can’t make this stuff up and in point of fact, Islam is NOT like other religions. What’s hard to understand about that? Unpleasant reality? Yes. But reality nevertheless. And easiest of all, in case you can’t see it with your own eyes—Islam is as Islam does—and the followers tell you their intent, over and over. They are not hiding their agenda and yet too many of us insist on HIDING FROM IT. What sickness is that?

We in the western world are writing our own Death Warrants with our permissiveness and our catatonic adherence to a Liberal ideology which has gone badly astray. No, it’s gone off the deep end and taking all of us with it. And every time we make excuses for their grotesque and depraved behavior, the only guaranteed thing that we will get is: MORE OF THE SAME, and WORSE.

Children always test to see how far they can go. So, keep making excuses for this temper-tantrum-throwing-ideology, which Islam is. Go ahead. Do it.

You will not like the outcome and your progeny will curse you for all time.

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