France Is No Longer France” (and goodbye Jews): Commentary


Who or what is the creator of that dire situation, above, and its accompanying headline, that: “France is No Longer France”.

I know. It’s the Jews. Right?

Europe, here’s what you need to wake up to and deal with, but you won’t because this hate, this Jew-hatred-infection which has lived in your collectives souls and psyches for the last one thousand years at least, has made its way into your very DNA:

On some very nasty and vile level, Europe is so very glad to be rid of their JEWS that they’ll put up with this real, actual, Islamist threat to their civilization—something the Jews could never accomplish and more importantly, never even wanted to accomplish. This Islamist threat, however,  is real, and bravo Europe, because the Jewish-specter of your dreams and cultural myths will finally become your undoing. It’s happening right here and now in front of your face. And some small part of this writer couldn’t give a good goddamn less about it because YOU, Europe, and only you will be the agents of your own destruction—not the Jews. And you do not, and will not have the guts to blame this newly welcomed crowd for the blame which they so richly deserve. These guys DO fight back. They don’t just “fight back”. They are in your countries, to degrade, demoralize, and infiltrate your political institutions with the sole aim of subduing you and taking over.  (Who knows?—maybe you’ll like Sharia Law. Your women won’t.) And they don’t hide their intentions. Now you will get to see what a REAL TAKE OVER plan and implementation looks like. Enjoy the ride. But I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to shift the blame for that over to the Jews as well. Continue wallowing in your putrid, oozing, Jew-hating sickness, because while you’re busy with that, Islamic dominance and subjugation are what await you.

Europe welcomes this severely retrograded “culture” known as Islam into their midst, because Europe knows deep down that there is no better agent on Earth than Islam to make: “Jew Be Gone and Get The Hell Out” a reality. So, you’re fine with those new-comers. The Jews are either gone, or are leaving Europe in droves—because Islam, along with Christianity, shares a doctrinal/religious hatred of Jews. In the case of Christianity it goes back for at least 1000 years or more, and in Islam (ever the winner and still-champion-for-hate) for the last 1400 years—which is to say, since its beginning. Bravo. The two of you should live happily together ever-after, I mean in the hereafter, since you have so much in common.

It seems that everybody who is a sleep-walker, the walking-unconscious, simply must have someone to hate. It’s so much easier and neater than looking to yourself for the failures in your life, and asking some tough questions—the kind of questions that might cause one to emerge into adulthood. It’s perversely sweet to have someone to blame for absolutely everything that has gone wrong in your life, personally, and in the life of your society as well. Only true ADULTS can deal with unpleasant facts,—even, particularly—as it concerns themselves. But children are always looking to blame the other kid, or the other sibling, or the school, or the teacher, for what went wrong. Always. THEY are never the cause of it, nor did they have anything to do with the problem or the issue—because children are incapable of that degree of self-awareness. They live in a land of childish Make Believe, and sadly, so do most of us. It’s normal for children and we expect it, but we correct it. That begs the questions: Why don’t we correct in ourselves then?—Why haven’t we grown up? And the circular answer to that, and with ever increasing frequency is: It must be because of the Jews.

This must stop.

That behavior is appropriate to a child ONLY, and yet it is, and has been the prevailing “adult” behavior insofar as Jews-as-scapegots is concerned for too long. The only “crime” which Jews have committed is that they have always been a minority, who are large enough and successful enough to be noticed, and yet small enough, and scattered enough, to be easily targeted and preyed upon. Even Richard Nixon, in his White House recordings commented that you always needed to have some Jew, or Jews, in an administration to blame if things go wrong. And of course he knew that he wouldn’t have to do that dirty work, the public would do it for him. It’s in our cultural DNA and he knew that. Do you really think the medieval lords of Europe hadn’t figured that out as well? They were plunderers of their own people. They were parasites of their own vassals and they desperately needed a smoke screen for their vile, selfish and violent behavior. Does anyone really think that those medieval tyrants were going to take the blame for anything? But who did get the blame? Guess. That has been instilled into every European for the last thousand-plus years. Given our newly acquired powers of modern technology, Auschwitz was the inevitable manifestation of a centuries-old, European, Jew-hating reflex.

Until recently, with the formation of the State of Israel, Jews have been entirely disenfranchised, existing totally at the beck and call, the whim, the largesse (or not) of the prevailing cultural group or leaders, which have sought to, and succeeded in, oppressing and abusing them for political purposes and gain. Remember: everyone needs someone around to blame. Taking the blame?—that’s if Jews were lucky. More often than not, they were simply butchered where they stood or incinerated where they gathered. And the rationalizations for this throughout the centuries have been, and still are, legend—Being the killers of God is, and always has been front and   center, both in Christianity and Islam, then, we have these variations on the following themes: There are so many choose from, but you will have to be content with a sampler…

…Here we go: well-poisoning, stealing my stuff, greed, poisoning the wells, Bubonic plague, being more successful than I am, causing me to do evil, running my life, ruining my life, drinking blood, killing our children for their blood, eating children, sexual deviancy, nefarious plotting, refusing to accept Christ, defending yourself by hitting back—that’s not allowed, having power over me, cheating me all the time, refusing to blend in even though we prohibit it.

Europe? What you need is a good mirror.

So now, finally, we have a Jewish state. How’s that working out? Has that gained The Jewish people any safe haven? It can be argued. The Jews, although finally autonomous, are still surrounded by a fanatical, hell-bent-on-killing-them political ideology known as Islam that equals or exceeds any Jew-hating-violence which Christianity has ever meted out to the Jews. But now, Christian Europe has chosen to drink from a lethally poisonous well. And this time, that well is no myth, but it is…


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