Irreconcilable Differences: Turbulence on a Delta Airlines Flight

Public Displays of Islam For Your Benefit—souly.

This is all part of a greater plan and is part and parcel of Al Hijra and “soft” Jihad. Read “Modern Trojan Horse” and you’ll get an inside view of this. The idea is to slowly acclimatize the local population to Islam by making its practice, or presence, into a very public display wherever, and as often as possible. If someone or group, complains or tries to stop or even question that display (as Delta Airlines did), the “victim” who after all is “only” exercising their right to “freedom of religion”, will charge “Islamophobia”—which by the way has been NOWHERE defined. That is precisely what is occurring here with Delta Airlines and the sweaty, prayerful couple, who were removed from the flight.

There is unlimited Saudi money behind any Moslem in any western country who wishes to bring up the charge of “Islamophobia” and pursue it in a court of law. The goal behind that is: American citizens WILL come to realize, through repeated unpleasant and expensive experiences in court, that only the Moslem-plaintiff has deep enough pockets to pursue a legal case (courtesy of CAIR and or Saudi backing which is basically the same entity)—and the individual charged with “Islamophobia” will be forced to withdraw or desist. But most importantly,  the citizens in free nations will learn that it is not worth their while to exercise free speech whenever Islam is the topic. They will self-censor. Then, free speech is on the way out. No. It’s already gone.

CAIR and others hope, that over time, the word will get out, and citizens will refrain from any negative commentary with regards to inappropriate Moslem demonstrations of faith, but will also refrain from any public discussion or discourse about Mohammed or Islam—which is strictly forbidden in the Koran. So even if you’re in a free and open society, and you critique the Prophet publicly, you are violating Islamic Law (Sharia) and that’s all that matters to these folks. The law of the land in which Moslems live is completely irrelevant to them, and is to be undermined at any opportunity—and it will be. You won’t have to wait for that. Anyone can criticize Christianity or any other religion all they like, but not this religion of Islam. No, it requires special care and over time, it requires special laws. And we indulge this at our own peril.

These cases and laws are being worked out, or, are already firmly in place. For example in the U.K.. Canada is currently considering passing an “Anti-Islamophobia” law. Once again, the term “Islamophobia” is NOT defined, which means that any Moslem can bring the charge just because they, and their wealthy backers, wish to send a message to the greater society that critical commentary about the Mohammed or Islam will not be tolerated. The defendant will find always himself in the middle of an expensive and extensive legal proceeding. Mission accomplished—free speech is effectively shut down. And the public discussion of a subject which desperately needs to be discussed, i.e. Islam, becomes an illegal act.

It staggers the mind to think that this can be happening in free and open societies who pride themselves on their western culture, which includes the right to free speech. But it is happening. We in the West are bending over backwards to indulge a child who is throwing a temper-tantrum, except that the child is Islam. I don’t know about you, the reader, but I do not yield to a child who is throwing a temper-tantrum.

In the US, the cities of Miami and Minneapolis have passed City Council resolutions condemning “Islamophobia”. That’s only a first step. The next step is to turn that resolution into law. No other religion enjoys this kind of special treatment, which moreover erodes our basic right to free speech—but only if that speech is critical of Mohammed or Islam. And there is no religion on earth that so needs a public airing-out more than Islam does. None.

For some information about an organization (Public Participation Project) who is stepping up to stop these frivolous lawsuits against free speech, here is their link:

Here is one group that is taking this on, in the courts, and is winning—it is called the Public Participation Project.

(Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPPs, are brought not to vindicate legal rights, but to harass and intimidate, and to divert attention and resources from the underlying consumer issue.  Such lawsuits turn the justice system into a weapon, and have a serious chilling effect on the free speech that is so vital to the public interest.)




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