Guest Speaker: Muath Salem, Preaches the Message of Mohammed

Some Tinkerbell Commentary about Mr Salem:

(Here’s his link)

It is written in The Koran. It is written in The Hadith and The Sunnah—the holy books and commentaries of ISLAM—and that is—an unrelenting, vitriolic, hatred of Jews.


Because the Jews of Mohammed’s era, rejected his ministry in the 7th century. The Jews of that era already had their own vibrant communities, with a cultural tradition that bothered no one else, which Mohammed envied, and which had served as a solid basis for their civilization for as long as anyone could remember. So, obviously, for cultural reasons, they not only saw no reason to convert to Islam, as they were being ordered to do, but for some other odd reason, they objected to Mohammed’s call for unending Jihad and warfare. That is another stream that runs through all of the holy writ and modern day preachings of Islam—conquer and subdue everyone. It’s called establishing The Caliphate. No one is making up these stories. You couldn’t make it up. It’s too bizarre. And the deeper into it you get, the more bizarre and “Twilight Zone” it becomes.

Unfortunately, even if you want to discover it for yourself, just going out and reading the Koran on your own, isn’t enough. You need to understand that only the viciously violent passages in the Koran are considered valid by the Moslem clerics—who were and are the law-givers, and Koranic law-interpreters. The doctrine that justifies this reading of the Koran, is called Abrogation and it is an actual Islamic doctrine, not something I just made up. That means, that when you find a passage in the Koran that sounds reasonable, or gentle, that passage has been superseded by the others that are not. So what we have are the nasty, and the sometimes-reasonable verses, all mixed in together, because the Koran is organized by LENGTH of the chapters—not according to when they were written. Apparently, chronological ordering was not a high priority to the Moslem mind of that era.

Confused yet? It’s a fact and initially it confused the hell out of us. Parts of the Koran seemed pretty decent, and then, in the next Sura (chapter), the exact opposite was being stated. Well, enter The Doctrine of Abrogation and things start to make sense—sort of—well, ok, not really. It’s a whole different mindset.

In addition, if you read about the life of Mohammed, you will discover within about two pages, that this was one very seriously disturbed human being. No, that’s too gentle. He was a psychiatric wreck by any standard.

But back to the Jew-hatred part of the commentary:

Mohammed’s ego was so bruised by the rejection of his message by the Jews, that he began an unrelenting campaign for the destruction of all them, everywhere. And that was only about 1400 years before the State of Israel ever existed. And, by the way, he acted on it while he was alive. His favorite method for slaughtering them? Take a wild guess.


No surprises there; and very familiar to anyone who is even minimally conscious today.

Here is an educated man, Muath Salem, an aspiring Pharmacist, who STILL cannot move past the kill-the-Jews-teachings of his “book”. And no, HE IS NOT an exception. As a Moslem, you either accept the teachings of the Prophet, or you do not, and if you do not, and are caught, you will be stoned for it if you live in a Moslem country. Or maybe you’d be the victim of a so-called “Honor Killing” if you live here. And yes, “Honor Killings” have been, and are, taking place in the West all of the time. But it doesn’t seem to matter where this religion of Islam takes root, because the outcome is far too often the same. Because here is this man living in Canada, with a promising career in front of him, full of bright future, and he still cannot, will not, move past the depraved teachings and commands of his so-called “religion”. This is what we’re bringing into the West. This is what Trudeau and Merkel simply cannot get enough of. And if you think that “vetting” has been successful, here’s living proof in this man, that it has not been. Once again, Muath, is not an exceptional case.

By the way, it is no religion. Islam is a political ideology and there’s a big difference there. And it should more than concern all of us in the West.

It is important to be able to have open and public discussions in a free society, and yes, that must include engaging in critiques of Islam and The Prophet. But, because Islam prohibits any criticism of the Prophet or Islam, Moslem activists in the West have been politically very busy indeed, lobbying to have anti-Islamophobia laws passed in every state, province, and municipality in which they live. Just what exactly “Islamophobia” is, is never spelled out, never really defined. But what anti-Islamophobia laws are, is nothing less than an injunction to never criticize or condemn Islam or the Prophet in the public arena. Ever. Such free speech becomes a criminal act and is punishable by a large fine, or time in prison.

For example in Britain today, it is against the law to burn a Koran in public. And if you do, YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. Speaking out against Islam and the Prophet is also punishable. And, with unlimited amounts of Gulf State money behind them, you will be prosecuted. How deep are your pockets? Something has gone seriously wrong with the British psyche to allow their free speech rights to be eroded. Well, I suppose it’s more important to them as a Liberal society to be able to maintain the self-identification and reputation of being inclusive and multi-cultural—even if it means destroying their own civilization in the process. So who’s crazy here?

Our view: If Moslems can’t take the heat, then, we all know what Harry Truman suggested—“Get out of the kitchen”. And they should. Free speech is basic to Western Democracies and some of those democracies are just handing that precious achievement over to Moslem notions of hurt feelings and unending offense-taking. Too bad. I’m offended by their offendedness. Can I get a law passed to seek recompense for that? Probably not, I don’t have Gulf State money behind me, and my pockets aren’t deep enough.

In case the behavior of Islam in the world doesn’t speak loudly enough for itself, I still think it is only reasonable to have deep concerns about some of the most basic tenets of this religion.

Our suggestion to any Jew living in Canada:

Do not let Muath Salem EVER become your pharmacist. As a matter of fact, don’t let him get anywhere near you or your drugs, or your prescription. As a third matter of fact, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE entirely for your scrip or it will be,



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