Anti-Semitic Upsurge: Trump to Blame?

Trump is now being accused of the recent increases in Anti-Semitic violence being seen all over the United States—because, as the reasoning goes, the Trump presidency has empowered White Supremacists who are the default suspects in the attacks. And many Jewish spokesmen have asserted this to be the case—It’s the White Supremacists, Neo Nazis who are perpetrators. 

By the way, why was there no mention of the Anti-Semitism on college campuses, which was epidemic, during Obama’s presidency? In addition, I never heard Obama himself raise one objection about that—and if he did, it must have been a whisper. For sure, the media avoided it like the plague, probably because those attacks also corresponded directly to the rise of the Moslem BDS movement on our campuses.

Targeting Jewish places of gathering, socializing or worshiping, attempts to accomplish the same goal(s) as did the threats, and setting fire, to Black Churches in the 1960’s.—that is still going on by the way, and has been going on even during the time that Obama was president. The Goal?—to create chaos and retreat within the targeted minority—physically and most of all, psychologically. It is the ultimate psy-op. Hate crimes are designed to disempower a group, severely limit their ability to meet as one community, and to plan, discuss and celebrate. And most of all, hate crime perpetrators hope to shut them up, shut them down with fear—and, hopefully, as a result, make them go somewhere else.

Just to fill in a bit on the analogy of attacks against Black Churches:

…“There were an average of 31 church (black) fires a week in the US between 2007 and 2011, according to National Fire Protection Association data uncovered by Pearce.”  So there’s no way to pin that on Trump and his empowerment of White Supremacists. And unless we start to see a marked increase in these fires in Black churches during Trump’s tenure, yet another round of Blame Trump would have to go up in smoke.

Back to the original point: What we do know is that there has been an enormous upsurge in Anti-Semitic hate crimes in the U.S. in recent months. And that fact does seem to coincide with the Trump presidency. So it’s tempting to buy into the same argument as stated above, i.e. that Trump has empowered White Supremacists to go out and commit well organized hate crimes against Jews, all over the country, even in Canada.

But could there be another explanation for this?—one that’s not as sexy or satisfying—which is: the naming of a group that is an entirely taboo subject among Liberals—a group which has recently arrived on our shores in large numbers. Might there be other contributing perpetrators in addition to White Supremacists?—and who, moreover, may even be responsible for the majority of the attacks against Jews? Or, could the two groups have even joined forces since they share the same doctrinal psychosis, which is to say, a god-approved hatred of Jews. Could one hate-group even be inciting and underwriting the other, equally deranged group, to be the “front” for the Anti-Semitic crimes we’ve seen? Interesting questions there.

As stated, the attacks against Jews are getting worse and are becoming more numerous. As with Black Churches, Jewish places of worship are being targeted. Is this all because Trump has empowered White Supremacists? That is possible—and that explanation by default, by reflex, will be the narrative from Liberal Jews and everyone else on the Left—no matter what the evidence and data may show to the contrary.

Based on examples and data gathered from Europe over the past decade (at least); it is impossible to dismiss the fact that an increase in Moslem immigration always results in an increase in Anti-Semitic violence and, in the case of France, mass Jewish emigration to escape Moslem Anti-Semitism. So that begs the question: Has there been a marked increase in Moslem immigration into the US in recent years?

Yes there has been.

Let’s see who might be responsible for this unprecedented increase in U.S. immigration from Moslem countries:

“From the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and National Interest, we learn that by the end of 2014, Obama had issued a total of 832,014 green cards to migrants from Moslem countries, including Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Somalia.“…And the pace at which his administration has admitted Moslems has increased dramatically in recent years, up over 25 percent from 2013 to 2014 and averaging over 135,000 per year under Obama. And that number does NOT include those who have overstayed their Visas.”  And, from Pew Research online, there’s this headline “U.S. Admits Record Number of Moslem Refugees in 2016.”

Given the record number of Moslems that have been admitted into this country, I wonder if there might be any connection between the teachings and preachings of Islam, with its doctrinal hatred of Jews and its incitement to violence against them, and the upsurge in criminal acts towards Jews?

You are either an idiot, ignorant, or a Fairyland Liberal if you say, “No possible connection.”

Why? Because the facts say otherwise, that’s why.

POSTSCRIPT: I am not about to discount the fury, dedicated intent, and venomous Jew hatred which clings to White Supremacists like shit to a blanket. To even listen to them for 3.2 seconds is to feel that you have been admitted into the nearest psychiatric ward, padded walls included, with no way out. You’ll hear things like: It’s Christians who were murdered by the millions in Hitler’s death camps, and it’s the Jews who did it—No joke. David Duke, the deep thinker and intellectual giant of KKK “fame”, said as much on a Bill O’Reilly segment. You’ll have to look that up for yourselves. I can’t be bothered

NOTES: Regarding Church Fires: Officials haven’t released evidence that suggests the recent church fires were hate crimes, and most aren’t being investigated as arson, according to the Los Angeles Time’s Matt Pearce. The handful of reported church fires also aren’t out of the norm — there were an average of 31 church fires a week in the US between 2007 and 2011, according to National Fire Protection Association data uncovered by Pearce.

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