SleepWalkers: Liberal Jews

Regarding an article in the Los Angeles Times, March 12, 2017 that discusses the Jewish community’s dedicated support and activism for Moslem immigrants, among others—sponsored by “Jews United For Democracy and Justice”.

Dear Jews in Los Angeles,
Whatever you do, don’t ever let yourselves get confused by the facts (of Islam). Instead of carrying signs like this one below, you should carry signs that say: “Jewish Liberal. Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts”. Or, here’s another: “Jewish Sleepwalkers for Suicide—with The Help of Islam.”

Here’s a quote from the article:

“Jewish groups across the country have interpreted Trump’s travel bans targeting migrants from Muslim-majority countries as a call to action. For many people, the policies have evoked painful memories of the countries that turned Jews away when they tried to flee Nazi persecution.”

There is so much that is sick, literally, psychiatrically sick, about that quote—and no, you don’t need a PhD or an MD degree to see it or diagnose it. You just need to be even a little informed about history, Islamic history, Islamic doctrine, Islamic preaching and Islamic behavior, as it’s taking place right here and now in 2017, to be able to make the call that: some kind of serious-mental-derangement is going on among Liberal Jews. And here you go again with the idiotic comparison between Jewish refugees in World War II and today’s Moslem “refugees”. You can read this article about that little bit of intellectual legerdemain, i.e. vile stupidity of a comparison.

Dear Liberal Jews,
Are you  really looking to expedite your own demise and end of existence on Planet Earth? If you are looking to accomplish that goal, then you have chosen to underwrite and support the perfect ideology, Islam, which will be more than happy to oblige you. For now it will do that with a smile on its face. It has been attempting to kill every last one of you for the last 1400 years or so, as commanded by Mohammed—the esteemed Prophet whose behavior is held up as the ultimate role-model. But you don’t want to hear that do you? It’s a fact, therefore you don’t want to hear it—nor will you hear OF it. All of Islamic Holy Writ contains a nearly unending stream of the most vitriolic and lethal Jew-hatred that has ever been written—and you can include “Mein Kampf” in that statement.

You are so stuck in the Holocaust mind-numbing-horrorland-experience, and so committed to seeing Nazis as your only enemies, that you have put yourselves OUT OF TOUCH with reality. You’re stuck in one place. You are so stuck in Holocaust-this, and Holocaust-that, and Holocaust-Memorial, and Holocaust-Museum, that you cannot see what other, far more lethal foe is rushing at you headlong—it’s in your face and you do not see it.

The big-hatred-of-Jews landscape has changed since the Nazis of WWII. The entire geography and political-ideological landscape has changed worldwide. Those dynamics have changed. Change? Can you entertain the possibility that “now” is not “then”?

The rules have changed, and you’re still stuck, obsessively focused, on Hitler and Nazi on the Right as your sole concerns and enemies. Granted, that is still in existence, and certainly deserves a lot of attentiveness; but it and the power behind it, is a school girls’ picnic compared to the power, clout, fervor, ideology, unlimited monetary funding, Jew-hatred, political positioning, historical and religious justification—of your real enemy—which is Islam. Sorry to burst your Liberal bubble like this.

Islamophobic? Hardly. Islamofactual.

And if you think, that by going to great lengths to support the wholesale entry of Islamic adherents into this country, will make them befriend you—or that you can win their loyalty or friendship, ever—then you are SLEEPwalking and in addition are playing a dangerous game of Make Believe with yourselves. You are not bothering to acquaint yourselves with the teaching and preaching of this “religion”—which it is so much more than. It is an ideology which controls every single aspect of life. And, most importantly, that ideology SUPERSEDES any idea of a nation state, or any idea associated with that such as: Democracy. Open elections. Separation of “Church” and State, Equal rights for women. Freedom of Religion. Animal rights—you name it—if Jews or Western Civilization are for it, then Islam is against it, and always has been, by religious decree or doctrine. It’s simple to comprehend, if you’re not stuck in a time-mind-warp of some kind. And you don’t need a PhD to see it, just a modicum of curiosity and a willingness to be an adult—a willingness to throw away childish ideas of your own Fairy Tales and Make Believe—and instead, deal with very unpleasant facts and reality. Times have changed.

The Far Right is no longer your greatest threat. Granted, it’s not exactly a danger-free zone either. I’m not stupid enough to try and make that case. But, sorry to have to break it to all of you Jewish Liberal SleepWalkers who are righteously quoting the Torah, that tells you that you are to take care of the stranger. Here’s what it doesn’t tell you: It does NOT TELL YOU to commit suicide. And that is precisely what you, as a community, with signs held high, are doing—only in decades-long slow motion—if that long.

And, mark my words, it won’t stay “slow motion” for very long. Islam does not share your lofty ideals. And your ideals are being used against you. Moslem elites will refer to you as “useful idiots”—useful towards the goal of spreading Islam, and the accompanying depravity of Sharia Law, all over the face of the earth. They don’t hide their intentions. But with head in the sand, it does make hearing and seeing difficult.

Your childish idealism is putting you and all of your progeny in grave danger. Literally.

Have a nice day.

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