Just a Little Good Old Fashioned Fun: Islamic Style

Hey, here’s a fun thing to do on a Friday afternoon in the city square in any Islamic country that practices Sharia Law, like Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, for example. Yup. Come on over, pick up a shish kebab, hurry, and get your cell phone cameras ready. The show is about to begin. It’s time for some good old fashioned Sharia Law on public display proudly brought to you by the Religion of Peace. Bring the kids—you’ll want to teach them about this and teach them early. Get them up on your shoulders—be sure and shove and squeeze in for the best view. This should be a really great show.

The big event—Islamic Style— whoopee, let’s all push our way through the big crowd so we can get the best view as a women is condemned to receive a public whipping! I hope all the networks carry it and I’m sure the TV ratings will be great—that is if you live in a country where Sharia Law is the law of the land and cruel and unsual punishment displays are considered high entertainment—right up there with public beheadings and hand amputations. OK! And now let’s all join in, in unison, for the team-chant: “God is Good, God is Merciful, God is Good, God is Merciful, God is Good, God is Merciful”. Now, let the whipping being. We all sure hope she screams a lot and begs for mercy. It’s not a good show without hearing someone screaming in agony. We all hope she learns her lesson which is whatever her husband says it should be. He probably ordered the punishment and we should all be grateful to thim for providing such fine entertainment. Applause. Let us give thanks to Allah.

And I think that the Women’s Movement, which has its head perfectly up its collective p’tooty with regard to the crimes of Sharia, should continue to not only ignore this habitual and brutal event which takes place hundreds of times each week, under the command and policy of Islam—but why not, in addition, have as one of the Movement’s leaders, Linda Sarsour, who is a staunch advocate for the subjugation of all women worldwide. She favors the enslavement of all women. And she is an advocate for scenes and justice being meted out just like this—Sharia Style that is. Linda proselytizes for Sharia Law any chance she can get. And the soul-dead and brain-dead followers in the Women’s Movement shed tears when she speaks, and wear the hajib to show solidarity with her and all of Islam.

The tweet of hers that I like the best, was one where she said (paraphrasing) “Sharia loans are interest-free…bet you’d like that huh?”

My reply to that?—“Said the spider to the fly.”

See it for yourself.


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