Kids In The Streets Again (Sigh): A Day Without Women

The entire premise of this Blog is:
For decades we in the western world have been experiencing an epidemic of Tenacious Adolescence running rampant through our “adult” population—well, that is the definition of an “epidemic” is it not?  To some degree childish and immature behavior permeates everything and everyone in our modern culture, and not only is the epidemic spreading, it’s intensifying—and there’s a perfect lead-in to some commentary and observations regarding the latest manifestation of “The Pea and The Princess” in action.
The emotional, psychological, intellectual, maturity level in this nation is dropping by the minute, and this latest “A Day Without a Woman” bears witness to it. And it seems to effect both genders equally, except that MOST of the men have spared us the spectacle of having to watch the those kiddies wear pink, internal-organ-effigy-hats on their heads. All of this is disturbing, because throughout a long life, this writer always observed that it was the women who arrived at adulthood and wisdom, much earlier in their lives than most men ever did. But that was then, many decades ago, and this is now, and things have changed, all for the more infantile.
It’s true that NOT ALL women are represented in today’s Women’s Movement. Count me among them. I spent some time on the website just to hear from some of them firsthand. First of all, the name choice, Bustle, is stupid and counterproductive, not to mention confusing…
A “bustle” is a pad or a frame, that women in the 1800’s used to wear to make themselves look, what? I don’t know exactly, but wearing one created a considerable impediment to normal movement. Bustles, along with Girdles and other such Straight Jackets, belong squarely in the era of no-voting-rights for women, no-property-ownership rights for women, no-individual-wealth rights for women, and the list could go on. So why choose THAT name for a Women’s liberation movement? The answer? Because, as stated above, the intellectual level and historical awareness levels are down around the 4th grade level. These women must not know what a bustle is, or was. They only know about “bustle”, as it denotes moving about energetically.  Or as they state on the website:
 “Bustle is for and by women who are moving forward as fast as you are.” They only know what’s “cool”, and“amazing”. And now, are you ready for this latest idea that I just learned about, courtesy of Bustle?—The new word, that we are all to repeat is:  “intersectional”.
 (Air-sickness bag please.)
It’s best if I let Kiersten Hickman, writing in “Bustle” explain “intersectional” to you in her own words, (even though, as you’ll see below, she couldn’t be bothered to have verb and subject agree—but then again, neither does anything else in their non-platform):
Kiersten? Tell us what you’re thinking:
“First, what does intersectional mean? Intersectional means that there is understanding that there is more identities than just one that women can relate to, or men as well. It means using the themes that we celebrate in Women’s History Month – like recognizing iconic people of history and the impact of people today – for any identity out there. It is inclusive. It is welcoming. It is equal.”
What did she just say?
It’s English, therefore I should be able to glean some meaning from it, but I am at a loss. I am called to “understand that there is more identities than just one that women can relate to, or men as well”. I don’t know what that means.
Once again, referencing the first quote; I also glean zero understanding, beyond the babbling chatter of a child, when the idea is supposedly elucidated with the words: “like recognizing iconic people of history and the impact of people today – for any identity out there. It is inclusive. It is welcoming. It is equal.”
What is “the impact of people today”? What the hell does that mean?
I don’t usually “go Biblical”, but here’s one that is just begging for inclusion: Who is this (child) that darkeneth counsel with words without meaning?

Further on we learn that “everyone’s oppression is different”. Well, Kiersten, maybe you need to go back (although not very far back) and read The Pea and The Princess—because ANY kind of oppression that you or I or ANY woman in the West is experiencing is nothing compared to the agony and degradation that women living under Sharia Law are suffering. And yet, you and your movement say nary a word about that. Your hero, Hillary Clinton, proudly proclaimed that, “Women’s rights are human rights.” And yet, there is zero solidarity with the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF WOMEN who are routinely beaten, abused, cut, and cut off from life, in Moslem countries. In silence is consent. And let’s not leave out girls—considered fair game for any Moslem man with an erection, and no place to go with it except the nearest child.
Not only will you children in The Women’s Movement steadfastly refuse to even acknowledge their suffering and plight, but you choose as your champions and leaders, women who advocate for the subjugation of all women worldwide. Your much-beloved Linda Sarsour proselytizes for Sharia Law. And here’s your lead-off photo on the website “Bustle”:

The American flag wrapped around and into, the symbol of Sharia Law—a system which stands for nothing less than the complete and total enslavement of all women. You should be standing up and loudly declaring, articulating and condemning the abject horrors of that. Instead?—you show me an image that symbolizes how Sharia is coming to America—how this should be acceptable to women. Well, at least in that regard you are being adult, which is to say, factual—because that is in fact the intent of Sharia Law—Al Hijra (conquest through immigration). Be sure and leave that little factoid out of your presentations.
Children cannot differentiate between the “important” and the “unimportant”. They also are ill equipped to deal with very unpleasant facts, therefore they do not, or do so poorly. And we, the adults in their lives, relieve them of that responsibility until they are old enough to cope with the quite unpleasant and challenging facts of life, by inventing stories and fairy tales for them.
This is exactly what that poster with the hajib-as-American-flag-this-is-good-for-us message is—a fairytale, invented by ignorant semi-adults who do not yet have the guts, and the maturity to deal with the extremely unpleasant reality of SHARIA LAW. Instead, Sharia, this global oppressor and abuser of women, gets a nice candy-coating and a pretty picture, suitable for framing. I guess that’s called being multi-cultural-stupid, or, excuse me, intersectional.
It’s nice though that you, Kiersten, tell us: “They only way anyone can truly understand that everyone has different experiences in the world is to listen and learn.” (I suppose she meant to say “THE only way..,” ). So then why is the Women’s Movement NOT listening to the cries of hundreds of millions of girls and women living under Islamic Sharia-barbaric-Law? Nary a word. And why does the Women’s Movement rabidly shout down EVERYONE who has not bought into their mass delusion?
What I see in “the movement” is a bunch of sorority sisters, if even that advanced, throwing a tantrum because Donald Trump used the “pussy” word. You can’t create a serious (i.e. adult) Women’s Movement which is based primarily on contempt for Donald Trump. It’s vapid, intellectually empty. They are also incensed because there will likely be some limitations and conditions put on abortion rights. And if you don’t think that’s a good idea, then tell us how it’s a good idea to abort an 8 month old, entirely viable-outside-the-womb, fetus? Some limitations seem to be in order. Such limitations seem, not only to make good sense, but to be right and good and fair—ah, such outdated and uncool words.
Some rules, boundaries and limitations are absolutely necessary in society and in one’s personal life—an idea that is anathema to “the movement”. Yes, there’s that nasty temper-tantrum-invoking word that all children despise: limitations. The Movement’s most notable feature, fury, betrays yet another mark of childish behavior—the utter refusal to accept any “rules, boundaries and limitations” no matter how much sense they make, or how good they may be for someone, or something other, or greater than oneself.
Kiersten also entreats us to: “Fight for Black Lives Matter. Fight for immigrants. Fight for women. Fight for LGBTQIAPK+.” …Here’s one group you should also be fighting for as well, that is if your Sharia-advocating leaders would allow it: Jews. Yeah, there’s an unsexy group to advocate for. How about that group? How about you say ONE word about the violence and hate crimes that are meted out to that group all over the world, including right here in the USA—crimes and violence which are only increasing. Nope—not a word uttered, not even a whisper. How about a word about the Christian minorities all over the Islamic world who are being massacred, with an aim towards their total annihilation. Funny that your empty cries for “inclusiveness” end abruptly with those two, very unsexy, uncool, groups. You make me sick.
Clearly you have pre-approved “in groups” who are worthy of your inclusive message, and others who just as clearly, are not. You and your entire movement are nothing more than a posse of phonies. You are fakes, pretending to be advocates for women’s rights.
And, when an anacronym gets to be THIS long: LGBTQIAPK+ then it too has entered into the realm of childish absurdity. It sounds like the kind of verbal jibberish we used to delight in when we were in fifth grade—no, third. Here, let me translate the last sentence for you: ISLTKOVJWUTDIWWWIFG—NT.
I still do not know what these women are protesting, or what it is that they want. This is why “the movement” continues, ad nauseum, to impress me as a bunch of over-indulged, self-indulgent, school kids—who are jumping at the chance to skip school or work, in order to go play and do something way-cool together. Party. Wow. Wear neat hats. Where are the balloons? Scream a lot. Look important and act like grown-ups. (News Flash: You’re neither.)
In closing:
Dear Women’s Movement,
I find your hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and most of all your COWARDICE to be childish, immature and appalling beyond words. So instead of throwing a movement-wide temper tantrum over Donald Trump, who in fact, and I’ll give you this, did sound like a totally spoiled-brat-frat-boy in those videos—ok, giving you that justified rage over his behavior and words—how about you separate the relatively unimportant from the important— and start speaking up as LOUDLY for the truly oppressed and vilified in this world? How about you realize that he is actually trying to protect you morons from the ignominy of woman-destroying Sharia Law.
You are all silly little fools. Correction: Big fools.
Have a nice day.

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