Stoning and Casting Stones: A Primer in Comparative Religion

A week or so ago, I read about a bloody riot that broke out in Pakistan. The accompanying video showed the scene, and it looked like the entire insane asylum had been let out for some good old fashioned frenzy, exercise and entertainment, Islamic-style that is.

A woman had been sentenced to death by stoning, by the local Cleric—probably for having committing some horrific crime like having objected to being beaten by her husband for refusing sex to him after she’d been working for 15 hours straight and  while still in recovery from her last beating.  And if that isn’t disgusting enough (Feminists, by the way, are good with all of that) the frenzied-with-glee men who were to be her executioners, broke out in a furious riot over who would get the HONOR of casting the first stone. Several “men” were badly injured in the melée, but not nearly enough.

Compare that ever-hysterical-Islamic response, which is repeated daily all over the world wherever Islam prevails, to a different religious tradition and leader, Jesus, who instead calls us to a higher level of awareness, self-control, and maturity by instructing us:

“Let he who is without guilt, cast the first stone.”

Did you hear that? Do you get it?

That is an invitation to introspection, self-awareness and, saying the same thing with different words—emergence into adulthood. And since we all make the world the way it is, it also invites the entire culture to grow up, and finally, hopefully, maybe, at least begin to move past those primitive and cruel impulses which are codified in Islamic doctrine.

Could the two traditions be any more opposite?

It’s the tip of the camel’s nose. But the story above (true by the way) illustrates, in miniature, the enormous differences not only in worldview, but in the developmental levels between the two traditions.

This small comparison is only emblematic of the differences in doctrine, belief, comportment, and aspiration, between the Judeo-Christian tradition of The West, and Islam. And not only are the two mirror images of each other, it’s worse; they are matter and anti-matter. Or, as Kipling so wisely put it, “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.” Would that it were so.

And please don’t tell me about the violent passages in the Bible. You can take ALL of those passages and they’ll fit in one tiny corner of the Koran. Besides those are NOT the laws which run Western societies. Instead, we have secular laws based in reason, not religious fanaticism. In addition, Islam is still in its petulant, ”temper-tantrum” stage of development (after only 1400 years), whereas the Judeo-Christian tradition has struggled to move on and beyond that infantile stage with difficulty—but it HAS moved on developmentally with constitutional democracies for example. There is no such idea in the majority of Moslem countries. Religious Law is THE LAW. Period. And it is called Sharia.

In the West, we have chosen to disregard those verses in our tradition which call for horrific unrelenting violence—just as Islam, ever the spoiled and self-indulgent child, has chosen to do the exact opposite. Islam condemns and nullifies the earlier, milder, and almost humane writings of Mohammed, and instead says that those verses are to be superseded by the most violent and barbaric verses of his later “ministry”…

…Ministry, my foot, (which he commands his followers to chop off for even the slightest slight). The man was a genocidal warlord and raider. Read it for yourself. And he is held up as the model for all behavior. He is their model. That’s who all faithful Moslems must look up to. So when another act of terror is committed in the name of Allah, or The Prophet, and our PC culture struggles to discover the MOTIVE, we need look no further than to the example of The Life of The Prophet.

And while we’re on the topic. There is no more Anti-Semitic tradition, or collection of Jew-hating “holy” writ on the planet than in Islam—including Nazism. So if you’re wondering why the sudden increase in Anti-Semitic violence in the world of late, you might want to at least consider the possibility that it is coming from Moslem sources. Statistics bear this out.

The correlation between increased Moslem populations and Anti-Semitic violence, combined with Jewish emigration from those areas on a massive scale, like France, is indisputable.

One of these religions/traditions is SO not like the other.

And please stop telling me that they are the same.

Islam was born of, and is still in, The Stoning Age.

Have a nice day.

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