Islamophobia In Canada. Must we?

goodbye tinkerbell

Unless and until the word “Islamophobia” is minutely defined, we’re talking about phantoms. To Moslem activists, who invented the word, Islamophobia has NOTHING to do with hate crimes as we understand them. It has ONLY to do with squelching any and all negative commentary, intellectual debate, or critique of Islam or The Prophet.

That is what they mean by “Islamophobia”. So, a word to the wise, of which there are pitifully few on the Left: if you value your right to free speech, you should reject both the word, and the completely, and deliberately vague, and groundless concept of “Islamophobia”. Far too often, those who are subjected to the public shaming of being called “Islamophobic”, are in fact being ISLAMOFACTUAL—by quoting directly from Islamic holy writ for example, which only proves that new and improved word. So let’s say it again:


Islamic law forbids any and all open criticism of Islam. Period. The penalty is probably death. I’m not sure on that one, but it’s a pretty safe guess. That is their law and don’t delude yourselves, even though Liberals specialize in that, Moslem activists are working overtly and covertly everywhere that Democracy exists to have their Sharia Law supersede ours. And anti-Islamophobic Laws are only the first step.

ISLAMOFACTUAL. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?—because that’s what the ring of truth sounds like.

Have a nice day.

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