Calling It For What it is: Female Genital Mutilation, a Grostesque Human Rights Violation

TO: Nevada Democrats and the those brave souls in The Women’s Movement.

How about speaking out, and speaking out loudly and persistently against this instead of consistently making excuses for it? And you know what it is. It’s Female Genital Mutilation— but you’ve fallen so under the spell of Islam in order to prove and demonstrate your Liberal Bona Fides, that you cannot and will not face and condemn this horrific humanitarian-crisis, women’s-rights issue that effects tens of millions of people all over the world.

That’s right Liberals, it’s FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION as approved by The Prophet and practiced wherever Islam is practiced including the United States.

Let me outline it for you and maybe then you’ll do some homework, educate yourself to what is real, and start using your public platform to speak out against this vile and inhuman practice and the ideology which informs and condones it. That is of course, if Linda Sarsour, the Feminist leader, who has tweeted so deceitfully about the glories of Sharia Law, which this procedure is….allows you to think and read for yourselves.

The Real-Life, Actual Process of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION:

Here we go. Ready?

1. Take any girl, preferably around 5 years old, but older is OK too.
You don’t want to do it any younger than that because then she might not suffer as much.

2. Tie her down.

3. Spread her legs and tie them down.

4. Take any sharp object as long as it has not been sterilized. A shard of glass for example will do nicely.

5. Make sure that the area around her external genitalia have NOT been cleaned either. We want to maximize the potential for infection, permanent disfigurement, and preferably, death. And if we can’t get that, then at least long-term suffering. For example, we want to make urination as excruciating a process as possible for this little temptress-bitch.

6. Hack anywhere you see flesh using the unsterilized object. Ignore her screams and sobs and heartbreaking cries for you to stop. She needs to learn early, without question or complaint, that suffering and abuse will be the pattern of her life, as commanded by The Prophet. Do not make a clean incision if possible. We want to maximize pain now and for always. Lop off large amounts of flesh….as much as possible, and anywhere that will cause maximum pain and enhance the possibility of a raging infection. It is Allah’s will.

7. Shove filthy towels into her crotch to stop the bleeding which is damned inconvenient. Amazing how much animals bleed, isn’t it?

8. Tell the screaming little she-bitch to shut up because this is Allah’s will and she should stop being such an ungrateful little wretch because Allah is good and merciful.

9. DO NOT administer any antibiotics or pain killers afterward. We want to enhance the possibility of excruciating pain and permanent disfigurement. And, if we’re really lucky, she’ll die of sepsis…that’s widespread infection….thereby ridding the planet of one more life form which is lower than an amoeba and a temptress of men.

We can’t expect a Moslem male to control his need and his Allah-given-right to ejaculate into any vessel he desires, any time he desires, as often as he desires. That right, that’s in holy writ as well. Like it? And if one of God’s anointed, a sexually active male, wants her immediately after this procedure or while she’s healing, she should welcome the insertion of an adult erect penis being shoved into her tiny pelvis and being shoved back and forth violently. He’ll have a better ejaculation that way and feel like a real man. With any luck, all the shoving, thrusting and probing, will cause massive internal bleeding. Praise be to Allah who is merciful and good.

10. Give thanks to Allah because now any man who owns her in the future will not be forced to relate to her as a human being, but instead will relate to her for what she has been deliberately turned into….some kind of mutilated, sub-human life form in agony. An object to be fucked and beaten for the slightest infraction of any law invented or real. The Koran gives a nod to this. (Read it for your self goddammit. But first, understand the Doctrine of Abrogation. Without that you understand nothing.)

That’s Islamism. That’s what it is. And that is just the tip of its nasty, vile and bestial personality. So please, to all the Liberal  readers out there, spare me your 1960’s-Hippie-Era-ethos that INSISTS that all religions and all cultures are:

a) good, and
b) equal.

They are not.. And this one, the current inexplicable love of your lives, is in a debauched and diabolical league uniquely its own.

Do your goddamned homework before you tell me that I’m Islamophobic—a recent word-invention whose sole purpose is to publicly shame and shut down any and all fair-minded discussion or critique of Islam—which is in desperate need of it.

I am Islamofactual. I have done my homework and I am mortified, revolted and infuriated by what I have discovered and heard preached by Imams over and over, all over the world—their message being mind-numbingly consistent and vile. And I’ve had quite enough. I am fed up with Islam’s Paleolithic ideas and practices….this one just described being among the least worst.

So, Man up. Cowboy up. ADULT WOMAN up, and most of all:

Speak up and Speak out.

Have a nice day.

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