Pro Islam March in Toronto: Land of The Dhimmi-Witted

goodbye tinkerbell

To all you horse’s asses in the “Pro Islam March” in Toronto, carrying your “We Stand with Muslims” signs with the adorable little hearts drawn all around that—adorable with all of you smiling so sweetly, and looking just like what you are: a bunch of 13 year olds—children, with opinions based on nothing.

I’m sure this never dawned on you. If you “Stand with Moslems” as you so proudly and mindlessly proclaim, here is who and what you stand against:

1. Women. All women, who have the status of slaves.
2. Girls, who can be married and raped as young as age 5.
3. Democracy. Faithful Moslems may NOT swear allegiance to a nation state.
4. Gay Men. The penalty for that crime?—death by falling from a high place and then stoning if he survives the fall.
5. Animal rights. Read about the agony of Halal slaughter.
6. Jews. Ah yes. Jews, the hatred for whom runs through the Koran and the entire Islamic tradition like a putrid stream, without end. The penalty for that crime? Guess.
7. Christians. They also reject the “word”of The Prophet.
8. Polytheists, only second to Jews for needing killing.

Oh, there are so many more. I just can’t stomach listing them.

Dear Boys and Girls, here is your reading assignment, which will cure you of your “Horse’s Ass Syndrome”, maybe. It may also give you a much-needed, crash course in ADULT.

Read The Life of Prophet. That’s the model of behavior for all faithful Moslems. Let’s see if you’ll STAND WITH that.

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