Oklahoma Legislator asks Moslems: Do you Beat your Wife?

goodbye tinkerbell

Dear Mr. John Bennett, Oklahoma State Legislator,

You may think you have the right idea with your questionnaire, but all you will be doing is making soup in a basket. Here’s why:

Get this through that (in this case) thick Western-Civilization-head of yours.


You can ask this question about “wife beating” (on the questionnaire) or about any of the other multiple dozens of depraved actions modeled by The Prophet, all you like. There are so many to choose from. Don’t leave out Pedophilia, that’s one of the more depraved, because it can involve sexual intercourse with a girl as young as five. But I digress.

To the Moslem mind, based on the teachings of his religion, the answer he gives to any question that you may pose to him, does not need to have anything to do with the truth. That’s a Western concept. The Islamic doctrine of Taqqiya (for one) not only allows, but insists, that the faithful lie, feign false friendships, give false testimony, or omit aspects of the truth, if it will help their depraved and debauched “religion” gain a position of dominance—i.e. aid in establishing The Caliphate. What we are seeing with all this immigration and the resulting turmoil is called Al Hijra: Moslem conquest through immigration and outbreeding the local population; and yes, since you asked, Al Hijra is a version of Jihad, as preached by the Prophet.

Mr Bennett, if you want to keep your Democracy intact, you are going to have to STOP assuming that all cultures, ESPECIALLY ISLAM, think the same way you do, or are constrained by the same standards of ethics that you (we) are. Pay attention: FAITHFUL MOSLEMS ARE NOT CONSTRAINED BY THE SAME WAYS OF THINKING OR THE SAME STANDARDS OF ETHICS. Period. Let go of that. As a matter of fact, if you want to know how they think….this might help: just imagine how any normal, average person from the West would answer, or behave; now imagine the exact opposite, and you’ll probably be pretty close to having an accurate picture.

And then there’s the response in the enclosed video, from the Moslem community (CAIR), IMMEDIATELY launching their favorite salvo: ISLAMOPHOBIA. You know when you hear that, that the speaker wishes to quash ALL discussion and debate about Islam, its motives, its history, its current behaviors all over the world.

Please do your homework and get a goddamned clue already. This is important, and intellectual laziness has no place entering into the discussion.

Have a nice day.


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